GMAT score of 600 after 4 attempt

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Career Dev Staff Staff asked 6 years ago

Ask Kate: GMAT score of 600 and aiming for top B-schools in Europe or Canada. Retake the GMAT?



Hi, I have taken the GMAT four times but I have only being able to improve slightly from 550 to 600(V34 Q38).
I have a very demanding job that makes it difficult for me to really study. At times I work weekends. I am not a native English speaker. Do I stand any chance of getting admitted into top b-schools in Europe or Canada? Do you advise I retake the GMAT again?

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Kate McKeon Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi, your quant scaled score and verbal scaled score are fairly close. That indicates that you have maximum opportunity to improve your overall score.

HOWEVER, you have tried 4 times. You either failed to acknowledge poor prep for the first 3 times or you really missed the point of what the test is testing you on. Doing the same thing over and over is not likely to yield different results. You’ve now taken so many times that it appears foolish.

I would only advise you to retake the GMAT if you were going to study the right material the right way. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

Most of my clients work nights and weekends so that is not sufficient reason to be unprepared for the GMAT. That will also be a poor excuse in your application so please do not use it.

If you are convinced the MBA is right for you, you will need to find another way in to the schools you seek. Impress them with your work and letters of recommendation.

All the best,