HEC MIF with GMAT 710 (Q47 / V40 / IR8)

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Greston Wise Staff asked 8 years ago

Ask Kate: Is a GMAT 710 score with Q47 / V40 good enough for HEC admission?


Hi Kate,
Not sure if this is your area of expertise, but any advice or rough guidance would be very helpful.
I am planning to apply in the second round (January) for various MSc Finance/MFE programmes in Europe (HEC, Oxford, ESADE, IE Business School), with HEC MSc Finance as my first priority.
I am a Scandinavian undergraduate in the UK (Oxford/Cambridge) studying \’Economics\’ in my final year, and have had summer internships with a boutique M&A shop in London (Centerview/Lazard/Evercore) and one of the MBB management consultancies.
Following a relative low quant score on my first GMAT attempt (710 / Q46 / V40 / IR8 / AWA6), I decided to retake. In the GMATPrep tests (ExamPack1) I scored 740 (Q49 / V42) and 760 (Q49/V45), but once again scored a 710 on the actual test (Q47 / V40).

My question is whether you think Q47 would be sufficient for admission at HEC considering my background?
Or would you recommend to resit the GMAT and apply in the third round (March/April)?

Thank you in advance – and wish you a happy holiday season.

Best wishes!