High GMAT score, low Quant

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Greston Wise Staff asked 9 years ago

Ask Kate: Chilean business undergraduate with a 720 GMAT aiming for the Columbia Business program. Retake the GMAT?



Hi Kate,

I have got a 720 GMAT (with 94% overall – 67%Q / 96%V / 92% IR). That was my 4th attempt (previous 650,660,690), but my lowest quant performance (best is 79% on my second try).

I am Chilean business undergraduate, with work 4y experience as financial analyst and head of finance at maritime shipping company and retailer (both of them the largest of South america). I am planning to apply CBS (NY) next year’s early admission; and while I have plenty of time to try again, my wife is pregnant and a baby will come next month. I am nervous about the low math percentile, as I have been told that 80/80 principle is used by top programs

Should I take GMAT again?? Or should I focus on other aspects of the application now?

Thanks in advance!


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Kate McKeon Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Greg,

The scaled score, not the percentile is ultimately more important. Percentiles for quant have gone screwy in the past 3 years. One of those tests looks like the quant was 47, in any case, it looks like you’re close enough.

Focus on creating a stellar application and submitting it at the end of August. Yes, that early. Don’t sweat the GMAT. The 720 is sufficient. As an international, your high verbal will be a great benefit.

In brief, I would NOT retake. Good luck with the birth! Best wishes with your application!