How does the TOEFL score work?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: Other QuestionsHow does the TOEFL score work?
Career Dev Staff Staff asked 5 years ago
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Kate McKeon Staff answered 5 years ago

Each School sets a minimum score that they are willing to accept based (hopefully) on a student’s ability to be successful at that school. Schools that consider themselves more competitive will have higher TOEFL scores. For example a particularly competitive MBA program requires TOEFL of 108+. The difference between an 81 and 101 is substantial. 81 indicates a student may struggle with English and will need extra time to process material relative to the person with a 101. This can impact her performance in class as well as outside of class such as recreational group activities. The higher the TOEFL, the easier it is for the student to assimilate with the native English speakers on campus.
The TOEFL contains 4 sections: reading comprehension, writing, listening and speaking. Each section is scored 0-30. The maximum score is 120.