Is 710 Q47 v41 enough for Insead and IMD MBA?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: GMATIs 710 Q47 v41 enough for Insead and IMD MBA?
Greston Wise Staff asked 5 years ago

Hello Kate,
I am Brazilian, graduated in Industrial Engineering, 26 years, 3 years at management consulting (6 months working in London and 2 months in Boston). Is Q47 enough for Insead and IMD, or should I retake the GMAT?
Thanks in advance,

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Kate McKeon Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Rafael,
INSEAD is a very competitive program and has been giving students a bit more grief about low quant scores. The 47 is acceptable as is the 710, but they aren’t great numbers. If you have a near perfect GPA and can produce an excellent application – by their standards, not yours – the 710 with Q47 is okay.
If you’ve only taken once and or your GPA is not near perfect . . . I would consider a retake. You shouldn’t spend a ton of time on a retake, but it would be worth your time to boost the 710 and the Q47. Your verbal score is probably a 42 which is definitely okay, but also might be a place for easy gains. Give a little more attention to your verbal work to boost the overall and once your Q is 48, you’ll be 740ish.
This assumes you have at least 2 languages for fluency too. Insead is a tough program to get through. It moves lightening fast! They really need you competent before you arrive. With a little bit of work, it sounds like you can be there.
Make it happen!