Is there any university in the US for students who score below 500 on the GMAT?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: GMATIs there any university in the US for students who score below 500 on the GMAT?
Career Dev Staff Staff asked 3 years ago
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Kate McKeon Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes. But please do not attend.
For profit universities and not-for-profits that need your cash flow may accept scary low GMAT scores. But those programs are not likely to help you professionally. If they’re willing to take a score that low, your peers will be of similar stature. That will neither build your mind, nor your network.
Rather than attend bschool with that score, step back to evaluate why you’ve landed so low. Is it fixable (almost always is)? If so, fix what needs to be fixed.
When I worked for a large GMAT powerhouse, I would regularly see students scoring below 500. In all cases they had massive fundamental misunderstandings with basic math and reasoning. But they had college degrees – sometimes from very prestigious universities – and jobs that looked prestigious on paper. But they were clearly the captive candidate. They had been graduated and promoted not based on merit, but on family or diversity. They were actually stuck. If they tried to go anywhere, the ineptitude would be discovered. They were basically enslaved. And some of them knew it.
Passing a failing student slaps an ugly bandaid on very real problem. The students passed along get hurt and have no where to turn when they realize the depth of their failure.
If you’re scoring below 500, you have very real reasoning problems, both qualitatively and quantitatively. And/or you have catastrophic anxiety attacks during tests. If you’re under 30, get these fixed!! Now. Otherwise, you’ll find that once you reach your 30s, people will expect you can function properly and frankly, you cannot. Fix it before it bites you in the ass.
If you’re over 30 . . . you’ve probably already hit your ceiling and perhaps that’s why the interest in the MBA. You still need to fix the root issue(s), but you’ve figured out how to navigate this long, perhaps you have a skill that is working for you. Just please do not go into politics or vote. If you don’t understand logic or numbers, you’re doing more harm than good to society.
If you are over 30 and have strong work experience, find an EMBA that doesn’t require the GMAT. But do yourself a favor before classes start, fix your foundational challenges.
The GMAT is based on skills we expect 6th-8th graders to master. 11–13year olds. Don’t be that guy who can’t hang.