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Kate McKeon Staff asked 7 years ago

Ask Kate: GMAT 680 with Q51 and V30. Retake the GMAT?



Hi, I recently took my gmat and i scored a 680 Q51 and V30 . AWA 6.0 and IR 8.0 . Can you tell me if i should retake the exam?

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admin Staff answered 7 years ago
  • Hi Sid, great work on the GMAT quant! The verbal however points to potential language issues. One comment from mba admission offices in the past 5+ years has been, more students are scoring well on the overall GMAT, but not following in class . That is one of the reasons the GMAC developed the IR section. They hope it may prove to be a strong indicator of how someone will follow in class. Since you topped out on IR, you are covered.

    Overall, you are in decent shape. If you hope to attend top 10 programs, your school will put you in the bottom half of the class. Do you feel good about running those odds?

    1. If this was first take, retake . Get your verbal up.
    2. If this was not first take and at least one other take is comparable to this one, you have probably squeezed all you are likely to squeeze out of the GMAT in the near term.
    3. If you are not applying for bschool now-ish, it would be wise to beef up your verbal.

    Best wishes!

Kate McKeon Staff answered 7 years ago

Retaking is not a bad idea. Don’t be distracted by your percentiles in quant and verbal. The story is in the scaled score. Some students have very balanced scores, 42/43. Others have wildly diverging scores 35/50.

Career Dev Staff Staff answered 7 years ago

I would suggest not to take up the test again, though the idea sounds good now. Your score doesn’t look that bad. No matter where you study, what you study, at the end of the day, how you take it does matter the most.

Greston Wise Staff answered 7 years ago

It really depends on if you have a plan of how to increase your communication skills. An HR person is going to note the low score, but if you already have a plan to fix it, it will show you recognize a defeciency and have a plan to fix it. That can show a lot more to them than a score on a test. Your best best is to hedge your bets, submit an application and reschedule the test. You want to give yourself as much of an opportunity as possible. If you get the interview and have a plan, they won’t look down on a retest, but they will be impressed you already have a plan to make improvements. Too many people think that HR people don’t see the value in people with plans and only see scores. Scores help them sort, but if you had a perfect Q score and don’t the second time…you might have less of an overall plan to fix both if things don’t go well.