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Greston Wise Staff asked 5 years ago

I’m a female graduate of HYP with 3.4 gpa and have 3+years of work experience at a global insurance company with 1 year in Europe – mostly analysis and execution work. I recently went through a job switch to another insurance carrier but in a data science field. I have 2 official gmat scores, both 660, with 38V 44Q and 35V 46Q.
What are my chances of getting into top 5 schools? Would breaking the 700 barrier in gmat significantly increase mh chances? Should I wait till next year’s round1?

Thank you!

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Kate McKeon Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Julie, I’d recommend a bump on the GMAT.
Both quant scores are low and your verbal is fairly low – and not competitive – among your HYP fellow applicants. 
It helps that you can possible show a more technically proficient side with data science (though I’m not sure how much more), but still your overall is low and the quant is low. 
Unless you have an ace up your sleeve – family/friends who are a big deal actively pushing the school for you – your chances are not good.
700 is not enough. You really need to crest 700 (720+ the new “normal”) and get your quant score up. Your verbal score is really holding your overall (the 660) down. Start there. 
Good luck!