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Greston Wise Staff asked 8 years ago

Ask Kate: Aiming for MSC Finance but 590 GMAT score with QR- 46 and VR- 26. Which Bschools will accept?





Hi Kate,
I am in final year of my undergraduation. Right after my undergraduation I wish to pursure Msc Finance.
My profile:
Course studying : Bcom Honours- from one of the top 10 colleges of University of Delhi.
2year average percentage – 80%
College Experience : Vice President – Quiz Society
Project Manager – Enactus
Head- Commerce Newsletter

Internships- 1) at an Govt. Bank
2) At a MNC

A very low GMAT score of 590, which I got today. (QR- 46 VR- 26)

If you could please help me evaluate my profile, and suggest me a few good Bschools I have decent chance of getting in to ?

Universities I wish to apply for Sep 2016 intake- LSE, Imperial, HEC, Warwick.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Kate McKeon Staff answered 8 years ago

I would not recommend applying at this stage.

1. You need to get your GMAT up. You’re barely better than the worldwide average score (540) and you want to go to strong programs?! No program wants a 590 admitted. It happens, but no one wants to see that.

2. You don’t present strong stats. It looks like you don’t really understand what you are undertaking. In effect, you look foolish for applying.

Depending on your family, you may be able to get into once of the institutions listed. But if you aren’t able to supply extra cash to a school or bestow some prestige by having you on campus, you have to create a strong case of your merits.

A. Retake the GMAT. Study the proper materials based on what is actually on the test. Don’t waste time with tricky problems; build your foundation. This is especially essential on Verbal!!
B. Get some compelling work experience within Finance. Start to develop an area or industry of expertise.
C. Apply when you have very strong letters of support and better scores. Give it 2 years.

Good luck,