Q42,V22. 530. A plea for help and guidance

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Greston Wise Staff asked 5 years ago

Hello everyone. I gave my GMAT yesterday and scored a Q42 and V22. Below I am going to write up the prep materials I used, Please critique my study schedule and  flaw in my preparation and suggest what I need to correct. I am taking a month off from work and reappear again. Will that be enough time?(Given my current score) Please let me know.
Books I Used:
Nova Math bible.
CR Bible.
Manhattan SC.(I did not do the idioms.)
Test prep sites:
I gave the mocks for the last one week. I gave one mock each day and scored around 600+ (600-630)
The books below are the books I possess:
OG 12 th edition.
OG 13 th edition.
OG 2016 edition.
GMAT Quantitative Review.
GMAT Verbal Review.
Aristotle SC.
Princeton Review-Premium edition
Can you suggest what I need to improve? Based on my scores can you tell me where I stand? Are my basics weak? Should I start from the scratch? What do my scores imply? Looking at the books I’ve completed, do you think I practiced enough at all?
Please go ahead and let me know, be as brutal as you want. I have a month of time on my hands.
Thank you very much. Thank you for your time.

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Kate McKeon Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Rohit, you do not need to take more than 1-2 TOTAL mock practice exams. Ever. So in your prep moving forward, focus on timing practice with GMAT questions, but avoid sitting for more than 1-2 more practice tests.
Based on the materials, it sounds like you’re trying to memorize everything in the books and aren’t focused on understanding the material.
You ONLY need the OGs. I’m not convinced any of the other books have helped you.
Your fundamentals are very, very weak. 

  1. Fix critical reasoning and reading comp – this will take the longest time. It doesn’t matter that you have 10-15 hours/day. It take time. Surround yourself with people who speak proper English and only people who speak proper English during your prep time. Read more non-gmat books that are written well – any genre – just as long as they are written well. You can search for AP books here to find a list of 300+ books that fit. You should be reading a book a day (takes 1-2 hours) along with the rest of your studies.
  2. Your math fundamentals are weak as well. Focus on the first 100 PS and DS questions in the OG. Work through them as many times as needed until you can not just answer the question correctly but you can teach a 12-year old the underlying concept to the problem. That’s far more than just answering.
  3. Then start working on SC. It will take 3 weeks of focus effort on SC. You can still work other areas, but make sure you have 3 weeks to spend focused time on SC.

With 42/22, 4 weeks is not likely to be sufficient. But I hope you prove me wrong. Remember to focus your energy on only GMAC-written material (the official guides and question pack 1 from mba.com). All questions should be timed. Your review should be at least 5x as long as it takes you to answer the question.
Good luck, make it happen!