Q48 V41 – 96th percentile with a 6 AWA and a 3 IR- Is IR a dealbreaker?

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Ben asked 2 years ago

Hi Kate,
Very interesting read. I’d really appreciate your advice on whether you think I should retake the GMAT. Thanks in advance. Here’s my background info:
Undergrad: George Washington University with a year abroad at London School of Economics,
double major in Computational Mathematics and Economics
3.88 GPA, summa cum laude
I was a National Science Foundation JUMP scholar for mathematics. I focused a lot of my studies on mathematical game theory and how it applies to strategic management scenarios.

Professional Experience after Undergrad: 3 years of strategy consulting in the healthcare sector at Strategy&, part of the PwC network
GMAT: Quant:48, Verbal: 41, total: 730, IR: 3 (I know this is unfortunate), AWA: 6
I’m hoping the rest of my profile will compensate for that IR score if I apply to some top 10 schools like Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, and NYU Stern. I would love to hear what you think. Thanks.

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Kate McKeon Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Ben, quick summary – you’re good to go, no retake needed.
The 3 on IR is more embarrassing, less deal breaker. I definitely wouldn’t bring it up unless asked about it in an interview, and I wouldn’t expect it to come up in the interview.
Your academic profile more than covers you for the IR, and your GMAT is fine. Your score is spot on for average at the top programs, and your quant score is sufficient.
Here’s my one caveat – if you’re only taken once, you may want to retake for the sake of covering your bases. But here’s the rest of the story on that for your profile . . .

  1. If you have nothing better to do than retake the GMAT, there’s something wrong with your career – fix that or the desperation will come through in your apps.
  2. If you can just roll back in to retake the GMAT, no more real prep needed (this sounds like a match for you), fine, do it. no harm. If it goes better, bonus! You can probably get both V and Q up a notch simply by being more relaxed/familiar. Who doesn’t love a 760??
  3. If you feel you need to super prep for another month before retaking . . . that points to emotional control issues that are likely a problem or may develop into a challenge for you professionally. Fingers crossed that this is not you. This type of candidate needs professional emotional support. It is FAR more common among MBA candidates than you may think.

So which one describes you best? 1, 2, or 3?
If you can roll in for a retake without too much hassle, I’d do it. If it’ll be too much trouble or you are on the road or there’s some other reasonable reason why you can’t pop back in, that’s fine too. You are essentially all set – no retake needed.
Good luck!