Realistically, What are my chances for Top 10 MBA program

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Greston Wise Staff asked 4 years ago

I’m currently working in a two year IB Analyst program after receiving ACCT and FIN degrees from mid tier State University where I was a 4 year NCAA Division I student athlete and team captain.  Received academic and athletic award recognition by school, conference and nationally.  My GPA was 3.8 and GMAT was 690 (38V 47 Q 8IR).  Taken GMAT twice with similar scores and decent prep but no time to study while working 90h/wk

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Kate McKeon Staff answered 4 years ago

Off the cuff, I’d say you have a shot.

  1. D I is a big deal, but it helps if it’s a big-deal sport. Football always trumps the rest, but D I + captain is good. This is a check plus.
  2. GPA is good. This assumes you did not get a bogus degree – one that is create to pass athletes through for the sake of NCAA rules. ACCT/FINC are solid degrees. You should be fine. This is a check.
  3. The GMAT. It’s low. BUT… Your quant is okay. Not great, but okay. If you were to put ANY time here, put it into Verbal to get the overall (690) up. Nothing moves until you get the verbal up. I think the GMAT is okay. It’s a check, but barely (the 47Q gets you the barely).

If you are applying round 1, get it done. You MUST submit excellent essays and a really solid overall written package. You can’t do much about 1-3 now and those bits aren’t hurting you. If you have time and or mental space to do round 2 – may or may not recommend – then work on verbal. A little bit goes a long way. No top MBA program wants to hear the excuse of time. Whatever you do, avoid leaning on that crutch. Will not play well.
It sounds like you have a potentially solid overall package, but you are hiding behind the work hours as an excuse. Your work life (and overall life) isn’t likely to get easier so disabuse yourself that now. Embrace that this is the path you’ve chosen. Push into it. Harder. Owning it makes for a better mindset when you create the package and a better read.
Good luck, get it done!