Retake GMAT again? Three tries (600, 640, 710)- White, Male, Midwesterner, 25

Prepwise AnswersCategory: GMATRetake GMAT again? Three tries (600, 640, 710)- White, Male, Midwesterner, 25
Greston Wise Staff asked 8 years ago

Ask Kate: 710 GMAT score after multiple GMAT attempts. Good enough for top 10 Bschools or retake GMAT?



Hi Kate!

I took the GMAT three times in 2013 (scoring 600, 640, then a 710). I am a 25-year old man, live in a small Midwestern city, work for a well known global professional services firm (business analyst rotational program between front and back office for college grads), and have great extras (coach special needs youth for 4 years and serve on a National YP board). In 2013, I was told I didn’t need to worry about the GMAT anymore. I’m now seeing averages skyrocket for schools! I am applying to round 1 at Ross, Fuqua, Tuck, Kellogg, and HBS (which I know is a hail-mary, but I like taking one long-shot). Should I have retaken the GMAT? Am i In trouble on this one? Will I have trouble getting in?


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Kate McKeon Staff answered 8 years ago

You demonstrated decent progress on the GMAT. It really is only 1 factor in your admission. If your quant score is below 47 you may (probably) will get some pushback. But a school that really wants you won’t care (that much). Consider it basically done. Only revisit if you get rejected without interviews. If you get interviews and get rejected – then your interview style is more likely the culprit.

Make sure your essays create a compelling story of who you are becoming. That’s more than being a volunteer, etc (kudos for that though) and the great things you’ve done. Paint the picture of where you are headed, particularly professionally.

710 won’t keep you out. Given the time frame, focus on your essays and helping your letter writers.

P.S. Respond here to let us know how you did. Good luck!

Greston Wise Staff answered 8 years ago

The Quant Score is exactly a 47 (40 on the verbal). I’ll toss in the applications and I’ll comment with the results. Thanks for your help!

Kate McKeon Staff answered 8 years ago

I’d say you’re good to go. You get a check mark for the GMAT. Now hustle on that app. It’s time to shine! 🙂

Greston Wise Staff answered 8 years ago

Hey Kate-

I was dinged at Harvard (no interview), Northwestern (self- initiated on-campus interview). I was wait-listed at Duke, but I got into Dartmouth Tuck and Michigan Ross.

I put down my deposit and I’m matriculating to Tuck. Thanks for your help!