What are my chances of getting into grad school?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: General CareerWhat are my chances of getting into grad school?
Career Dev Staff Staff asked 5 years ago
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Kate McKeon Staff answered 5 years ago

Why would you want a Master’s in Advertising? What will it do for you?
Getting into a program isn’t really the problem. What will you be able to do 5-10 years after the program that you don’t think you can do now? Advertising as a profession doesn’t require an advanced degree and in my experience with advertising professionals the ones with masters are not in charge – they’ve been overhead.
If you are a creative and wish to do insanely more creative things – work on creative campaigns, etc., find a burgeoning start-up who will let you take creative license. Don’t expect to be paid until you have something go viral. Push past what you “know” and understand what the market reacts to and what the market will embrace. Also, find yourself a business manager you can trust who will make sure to manage you/development so you’ll have happy clients. Even when your services are free, no one will put up with missed deadlines for too long.
If you are not the creative, but love to be involved with creative, find a creative. Help him/her sell the creative and manage the implementation for your clients. Develop your sales skills.
If you’re mostly interested in discussing what makes good advertising, find a meetup, don’t go to school for that.
Use your graduate school experience to create a launching pad for your long term career. Don’t just go because you can. Getting into a program is the least of your worries. Your profile is commensurate with peers admitted to advertising programs – but that’s exactly the problem. You want a degree that can push you to be better, not one that will be comfortable.
Given the way you framed your question you fall into a category of student who believes she knows what she wants to do, but really doesn’t understand what she’s biting off.