What are the best GMAT prep courses? Are the more expensive ones worth the price?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: GMATWhat are the best GMAT prep courses? Are the more expensive ones worth the price?
Career Dev Staff Staff asked 5 years ago
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Kate McKeon Staff answered 5 years ago

So, the answers so far are perfectly legit if it is indeed clear that you need an MBA so I won’t parrot that.

Eric Bahn’s answer that you should investigate the school scores at your target program and play the averages is fine. Then study your bunz off as needed with the GMAC written material – it’s better than any of the private label stuff. Stick to retired test questions. There are nuances in the way questions and answer choices are written. Stick to the best stuff.
But my push-back is this, do you need an MBA?

Far too many mid-20 somethings think that running to bschool will magically make them more employable or better thinkers. Most of you guys are sadly mistaken, and you spend 150K learning that you used up your last reset button that comes with (relatively) easy financing.


I too am a ManhattanGMAT vet and taught several thousand students online and face-to-face. I now teach at Prepwise. The most common question was, “I’m aiming for a top 5 school. What score do I need?”


Wrong question.


Are you a good candidate? Is there a program that can materially impact your current career trajectory? If so which 1-3 programs? Could you do something even more beneficial for your career development?


If you are compelling for the school, your score is can be less of the consideration. My two lowest scoring students (neither broke 600) both ended up at HBS.


Hey kids, Don’t try this at home.


I’ve been advising applicants on their careers and therefore certain schools for almost 15 years. With 98.9% success at getting candidates in to their #1 programs, please believe that when you are a good fit, the school sees it too.


Figure out what you’re doing with your career first. Then worry about the score if you can’t clear the average school score hurdle. Once you know that you really do need to go to bschool, the process of studying and your level of focus are likely to match your desire.


Best wishes,

Kate McKeon, Founder of Prepwise