What are the top hedge funds that hire out of college?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: Finance CareersWhat are the top hedge funds that hire out of college?
Greston Wise Staff asked 6 years ago
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From their site, Citadel recruits at the following undergraduate colleges:
Berkely, CalTech, CMU, Columbia, Cornell, GTech, Harvard, Harvey Mudd, UMich, MIT, Stern, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, UIUC, UT, UVA, Waterloo.

Greston Wise Staff answered 5 years ago


    • firm with approximately 1400 employees manages $150 billion in global investments spread across institutional clients, central banks and governments, corporate funds, and pension funds. It has $87.1 billion in hedge fund management, making it the largest hedge fund management firm.


    • JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM). Hedge fund management is a part of JPM Asset Management, along with management of other asset classes. JPMorgan Chase has $2.4 trillion in overall assets under management as of December 2013, of which, the hedge fund Asset Management has AUM of $59 billion.


    • OZM) has $ 47.1 billion AUM as of December 2014. As a hedge fund specialist, Och-Ziff has investments focused across “multi-strategy funds, credit funds, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), real estate funds, equity funds and other alternative investment vehicles,” according to its website.


    • Brevan Howard is a privately held firm based in London with global offices and around $40 billion hedge fund assets under management. It is the largest hedge fund in Europe for AUM. Its hedge fund business centers on multiple assets, including currencies and commodities, along with the usual equities, derivatives, and fixed-income securities. Its defined strategies are focused on short-term profit opportunities within an up to six-month timeframe, based on emerging economic trends.


    • reported to be around $34.2 billion as of December 2013, making it among the top European and global hedge fund management firms.


    • AUM overall, with $31.323 billion in hedge fund management.


    • AQR has total AUM of around $114.7 billion as of September 2014, of which $ 29.9 billion are in hedge fund management. Its investment style focuses on global investments in public equity, public futures and options, public bonds, private bonds, and over-the-counter derivatives.


    • reported to be $29 billion.


    • total AUM of $57.7 billion) as of June 2014. Through its multiple money manager divisions, namely AHL (managed futures), GLG Partners (traditional, alternate, and hybrid investment management), FRM (hedge funds) and Man Numeric (quantitative asset management), it is one of the leading hedge fund management houses.


    • Viking Global was founded in 1999 and has hedge fund AUM of $27.1 billion.

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