What can I do with a degree in forensic chemistry?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: Science CareersWhat can I do with a degree in forensic chemistry?
Career Dev Staff Staff asked 4 years ago
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Career Dev Staff Staff answered 4 years ago

About 90% of forensic chemists work in labs associated with a federal, state, or local police department, medical examiner’s office, forensic services lab, or branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). There are a few private labs that carry out forensic analyses.

amgee1234 answered 4 years ago

One thing that the previous answer missed out on was the fact that forensic chemists can be used and are used in Insurance industry in collecting clinching evidence in settlement of claims. Forensic chemists can also have rated private labs which can be outsourced by police and investigation authorities to collect and certify crime evidence.