What is the acceptance rate for HBX CORe applicants?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: Other QuestionsWhat is the acceptance rate for HBX CORe applicants?
Career Dev Staff Staff asked 8 months ago
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Kate McKeon Staff answered 8 months ago

If you mean directly into the CORe, according to my HBS students, it’s high.
If you’re thinking about using HBX CORe to ease your way into HBS, don’t. HBX CORe is a future cash cow like HBR, but aimed at a younger audience.
FYI, at time of post: They’ve just completed year 1, 5 cohorts, so there really isn’t anything to report in terms of actual hbs admissions.
Just because it’s a cash cow doesn’t mean it won’t be worthwhile. But go because you want the business case exposure not because it will buy you any preferred treatment down the road with Harvard.