What is the earning potential for a marine biologist?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: Science CareersWhat is the earning potential for a marine biologist?
Career Dev Staff Staff asked 6 years ago
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Kate McKeon Staff answered 6 years ago

The earning potential for a Marine Biologist is highly dependent on several factors such as level of education, amount of experience, and location. Salaries start at around $39,000 and can be as high as $124,000. The average salary of a Marine Biologist, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics is $77,630.

Career Dev Staff Staff answered 6 years ago

There are several factors determining what you could potential earn. Because the jobs of a marine biologist are so wide -ranging, their salry is also. A person that has focused on marine biology in college may first get an entry level technician job helping a reseacher in a lab or in the field. These jobs may pay an hourly wage and may or may not come with benefits.

National Earnings and Employment Data

Entry level employee earnings – $41,400 ($19.9 hourly)

Experienced employee earnings (upper 75% of salaries) – $67,200 ($32.31 hourly)