What job experience is required for a top MBA?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: MBA AppsWhat job experience is required for a top MBA?
Career Dev Staff Staff asked 3 years ago
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Kate McKeon Staff answered 3 years ago

The work experience and your gained perspective on that experience matter. Have you managed staff? Do you have multiple projects with depth of complexity to walk through? Have you thoughtfully evaluated your own experiences, and can you demonstrate personal and professional growth?
Brand name only helps in giving a certain (low level for the most part) credibility to your profile. It’s harder – not impossible – to lie about being employed by Deloitte for example. That can be fact checked fairly easily if anyone cared to do so (no one really cares to do so, but it could be checked). But being employed by XYZ corp in Nairobi is harder typically to fact check for any non-Nairobi-based program. Even being employed by a small company in the US is hard to fact check. FYI: small companies are Co with less than $1B in revenue. They just don’t hit the radar unless they have a huge PR campaign (hello anything in silicon valley) and often don’t have the kinds of HR departments amenable to responding.
All of which is to say, don’t sweat transitioning to an international brand before applications UNLESS that directly plays into your long term goals. Keep your eye on the your long term and make sure you are really paying attention to the operations you have access to now. There are lessons to learn in every size company in every corner of the world.
Soak it all in and be brilliant!