What skills should I emphasize on my resume to help me get a job as an investment banker?

Prepwise AnswersCategory: Finance CareersWhat skills should I emphasize on my resume to help me get a job as an investment banker?
Greston Wise Staff asked 7 years ago
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Kate McKeon Staff answered 6 years ago

Firstly, skills and achievements are fundamentally different on a resume, and for investment banking, achievements should always come first.

Emphasizing impeccable grades is a MUST for impressing investment banks. Remember, you’ll be up against some of the most academically superior candidates that the country has to offer.

Secondly, underlining your organizational skills and decisiveness can be clearly communicated through simple and concise formatting of your resume.

Like every interview, even those that start with a resume hand-in, you’ll need to brush up on your buzzwords and key phrases that will tick the boxes of your potential employer. Using job boards for investment banking positions will give you a good idea of the phrases that are well used and popular in the industry. By all means necessary, avoid using clichés!

Now, for achievements, this is your opportunity to detail your concrete accomplishment that will likely make you stand out among the rest of the candidates. Using the STAR method, describe a unique situation you’ve been in, a task you were met with, the activity that took place to get over the task, and the result that ensued following your actions. This will tick a major box with investment bankers.


Otherwise, things to consider before submitting a resume include the obvious, such as an application free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, as well as the not so obvious, such as name-dropping as many big time influencers, schools, or organisations that you have been a part of that are likely to impress your employers at a first glance, including any character building experiences you’ve had, such as studying abroad.

Be charming and charismatic, and good luck.