Which top-20 schools should I consider?

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Greston Wise Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Kate,

I am an Indian native with 6 years of total professional experience. I founded a supply chain consulting company 3 years back and have been running it ever since (which make my profile unique amongst Indian applicants).
I have a 720 (Q-49 V-38) on GMAT and I’m mostly targeting schools ranked between 25 and 40 in the US News ranking. Given my background into logistics and supply chain, I am applying to schools strong in that area such as Michigan State, Arizona State and Purdue.

But I do want to apply to few schools in the top-20 as well and I am very confused which schools to consider.

Considering a low GPA and that I am applying in the round 2. Do you think I should apply to more schools in the top 20?

Currently I am only applying to Indiana Kelley in the top 20. Other schools in the top-20 that I am interested in are Emory, Washington Foster, Tepper and Texas Mccombs.

I would really appreciate if you can help me in suggesting the schools I should apply.


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Kate McKeon Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Aditya,
You have a strong set of choices for top 20: Emory, Washington Foster, Tepper and Texas Mccombs. I am less immediately familiar with Foster, but have known logistics candidates from Emory, Tepper and McCombs. You would be in good company there.
Regarding other schools you may want to consider, why not try Michigan? Some of the faculty are particularly interested in supply chain challenges. 
Don’t worry about round 2. It isn’t a deal breaker – particularly if you’re not coming in from Finance in NYC. 
If your GPA is low, the GMAT is at least a leveler for you. 
The next question is, do you have a good future story?
It sounds like you’ve done solid work up to this point, but as they say, “What’s next?” You’ll have more success with admissions if you have a solid future plan – not too rigid – think achievable stretch.