MBA Salaries are up, where?

SalariesThinking about Business School to make your next career move? You’re in good company. Preliminary reports on post MBA salaries are showing an upward trend. Poets and Quants published the big movers in post MBA salary changes from 2010 to 2014. And Prepwise recently posted the Monetary Value of an MBA Tool (included below).

Despite media campaigns painting MBAs as the death to civilized society, the degree is still attracting very bright candidates. Within my practice (almost 50/50 male, female), I’m seeing the same guys pursuing the degree, but a slightly different professional woman. Some are coming in with the idea to pursue JD/MBA, but others have put aside the notion of law school and other graduate programs to dive into the world of business. The law degree appears to still appeal to young professional women, but many more are willing to forsake what looks like a predictable path in law for the less predictable path in business.

It’s impossible to declare the impetus for the shift, after all correlation does not causation. Do you think it’s millennials having more exposure to the world of business or do you think the law degree has lost it’s luster – perhaps due to the dearth of advancement opportunities with baby boomers still firmly entrenched?

What do you think is causing the shift?

Monetary Value of an MBA Tool (MVMBA)

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