My favorite study tools – GMAT

Here's our recommendation for the best #GMAT Prep software.Some of my favorite study tools are student specific. But this favorite tool should be used by every GMAT student.

GMAT Prep Software

Where to get: download from (click here)

How much it costs: basic edition is free

Who should use it: YOU!

When you should use it:
After you’ve had a chance to refresh on your math and grammar basics, consider taking practice test 1. Then figure out how to spend your study time to maximize your score. When you are ready, take practice test 2 to confirm readiness. Use your last 4-7 days before the real test to run through the extra problems they offer for study within the program but not used on the practice tests.

Why you’ll like it:
These are real, retired test questions. These 2 practice are the most consistent predictors of where you will finish (scorewise) on the real GMAT.
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