Need to Learn a Foreign Language?

Foreign Language: learning resources

As a complement to my top 3 resources for Non-Native Speakers of English, the following resources can help Native English Speakers learn a foreign language at a higher level. If you are applying to a program that requires proficiency in multiple languages (here’s looking at you INSEAD!) or you want to shake off the cobwebs before you meet up with a business colleague overseas, give these a try.

Lang-8, (, uses Wiki-style software to allow you to keep a journal in a foreign language – which native speakers of that language then correct for you. Give back by helping a Non-Native Speaker of English correct his/her journal. Teach wisely!

GLOSS lessons, for English speakers learning a new language (more advanced), are developed for independent learners to provide them with the learning/teaching tools for improving their foreign language skills. This is contemporary news oriented and very serious. You won’t see lessons on speaking to strangers in a cafe. You will see lessons on understanding the Black Market Arms trade in Russia.

Any resources you like for English speakers to learn foreign languages? Please help us by adding them to the comments below or sending us an email:

Happy Learning!

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