What Your GMAT Score Means

Composition of a 700 – updated June 2019 GMAT scoring is not obvious at first glance and many instructors and consultants focus on percentiles rather than the scaled scores, fueling more confusion. If you have read that business schools “need to see 80th percentile” in both quant and verbal and that you need at least … Read more

How to Choose Schools that Fit, Rank, and I can get into?

Among the initial evaluation students this is one of the first questions I get. You may not like my answer. For starters, it is exactly THE WRONG WAY to think about Business School. You are trying to get into their programs as though they can magically fix something for you. You have given away your … Read more

Get Organized

Get Your Machines in Order Have you been scribbling notes on your ipad in one app and your iphone in another? Do you have files left over from your college days? Where’s the most recent copy of your digital resume? Before you apply to Graduate School, or even if you’re already in, consider cleaning up your … Read more

What is important?

A student (HBS) recently asked me “What do you think the top ten (five?) things people do not want to think about but are important? (Think life responsibilities aka when it comes to getting an education, owning a home, being financially responsible, eating well, cleaning, raising kids, etc).” Here’s the abbreviated version of my response. What … Read more

Getting Digitally Organized for Application Season

Have you been scribbling notes on your ipad in one app and your iphone in another? Do you have files left over from your college days? Where’s the most recent copy of your digital resume? Before you apply to Business School, or even if you’re there already, consider cleaning up your desktop, phone(s), and tablet. … Read more

This Week’s News

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Focus In past editions we’ve talked about the importance of Focus and how the world is actually working against you. Reminder: Studies show that too much unfocused time degrades your ability to concentrate when needed. Multi-tasking regularly actually diminishes your capacity to focus on discrete tasks.  Even when you’ve trained your focus muscles, when you … Read more

The Shorter New GMAT April 2018

Should you retake the new GMAT if you already have a reasonable score? Given the GMAC announcement of the shorter, new GMAT this past week, I have started getting a barrage of questions from students who had only recently officially considered themselves “finished” with the GMAT. Here’s my advice in brief: If you thought you … Read more

Case Study: Teaching to Consulting

Case Study: Samantha former teacher, post MBA strategy consultant Sam was a science teacher at prestigious middle school in the Northeast stuck between an urge to do something more competitive, have a family, and something she just couldn’t nail down. She was doing well financially as a teacher – much better than most teachers, and … Read more

Ask Kate 48/40 okay split?

If You Want To Get Into A Top 10 MBA Program, You May Have To Retake The GMAT More Than Once.   Is 48Q 40V an okay split to start MBA applications or retake? See full video: Ask Kate 48/40

Ask Kate 690 with low quant 46/38

Student asks about 690 but with a low quant score: 46/38. Good enough or retake? See full video: Ask Kate Retake or time for Apps?

Ask Kate 690 49/35

See full length at ask kate 690 with okay quant.

Ask Kate 700 for Wharton’s Lauder program?

Ask Kate Student profile: Is 700 good enough for an international student to apply to the Wharton Lauder program? For Full length see Ask Kate is 700 enough for Wharton’s Lauder program?

Ask Kate 690 with okay quant for Kellogg?

Ask Kate is 690 okay with 49/35? Good enough for Kellogg? Full length at prepwise youtube channel: Ask Kate 49/35 690 okay for Kellogg?

Ask Kate 700 45/41, first or second test?

Student bombs second take. Should he report it even though his overall score dropped? Or stick to first test? See full length at prepwise youtube channel: Ask Kate 700 45/41?

Ask Kate – Is 700 good enough for Top 10 MBA programs?

Ask Kate student case: Is 700 good enough? Student complains about standardized tests. See full length Ask Kate 700 41/45 for Top 10 MBAs

Ask Kate is 730 enough with Q47? V42?

Quant 47 is nothing to write home about. It’s okay, but it’s not great. Is it good enough if your combined score is 730?   See full length Ask Kate videos on the youtube channel: Ask Kate 730 47/42

Ask Kate low AWA, 720?

Is 720 good enough? Does AWA matter? Hint . . . yes and no. Well, Yes. Then No. Confused? Watch. See Prepwise channel on youtube for full length video: Ask Kate GMAT 720, does AWA matter?

Ask Kate GMAT V29

My suggestions for a student with a V29 – hint, that’s no good. But never fear, I won’t leave you hanging. Advice on what resources to use to improve the verbal score.   See the full length video on youtube. Ask Kate Non Native English, is q49/V29 okay?

Ask Kate 750 HBS 2+2

Student case, 750 HBS 2+2 app For full video and to hear the lovely dulcet tones of my voice, visit the Ask-Kate 750 HBS 2+2 video on youtube.

Three Big Lessons to Boost your Score on the GMAT

How to boost your GMAT score  – The 3 big lessons I’ve learned from teaching the GMAT 1. Practice does NOT make perfect. I grew up accustomed to the mantra, “Practice makes perfect.” It is so popular it was accepted as fact rather than tested for validity. But I have found through personal experience and … Read more