GMAT Prep – the 22-hour Student

The 22-Hour Student For students with a significant gap between current GMAT score and target score, 200+ points, it is imperative to bring a consistent attack to foundational materials. Expect to spend 22-25 hours a week on foundational, building block and GMAT materials over a period of 12-15 weeks. What does a 22-hour study week … Read more

What Your GMAT Score Means

Composition of a 700 – updated June 2019 GMAT scoring is not obvious at first glance and many instructors and consultants focus on percentiles rather than the scaled scores, fueling more confusion. If you have read that business schools “need to see 80th percentile” in both quant and verbal and that you need at least … Read more

Years in School

School in terms of years How much total time do different levels of education spend in school? What portion of the population obtains those levels of education? You will spend approximately 8 hours a day for 180 days per year for 12 years just to complete high school. A total of 17,280 hours or basically … Read more


How much gas does it take to power US cars annually? How much gas does each car use? How many cars are on the road? How many miles are driven each year? How many gallons are needed to drive those miles? How many people are driving? When estimating a quantity of this magnitude, it is … Read more


Rapunzel’s long locks = X*Y What we need to know: – How long is each hair? X – How many hairs does she have? Y X: How many hairs does she have? Is a head closer to a sphere or a cube? If you think a sphere, use the surface area of a sphere: 4pi(r^2). … Read more


Below are the puzzles on the back of Prepwise business cards. We hope you enjoyed taking a a moment to come up with your estimation before clicking through to see ours. These cards were designed by Kate McKeon in an effort to have her students get more comfortable with estimating quantities. Especially when taking a … Read more

Dragon Drop – GMAT Study Habits

Success requires endurance.   GMAT study habits – Being Mediocre I recently blew a gasket when  student asked me to reconfigure his study plan for the umpteenth time. He hasn’t followed any of the plans I’ve created for him and always has an excuse . . . none of which have been compelling. So here’s … Read more

Kate McKeon

Hi! Call me Kate. I’m the Chief at Prepwise, responsible for course creation, student engagement and all the “fun” of running a company. We build smarter, stronger Business Leaders. You probably know me from one of your friends. Or frenemies. Or your boss (I’ve been at this a while). With almost 3000 individual tutoring students, … Read more

Are Men Better at Math?

Mathematical Data: Women vs. Men A common misconception among students is that girls are bad at math. Indeed, most of my female students have heard this, but it’s not the whole story. Take a look at this data plot. The reality is, at the extremes, men outperform. At the extremes. In other words at the … Read more

Students and Self Esteem

Excuses: a fun look at failure This is the abbreviated version of a Saturday Night Live skit (Basement Karate – Bryan Cranston). What was so striking was the little boy’s reaction to getting shellacked by his old man. I have heard some of the exact same phrases out of my GMAT students…. I know, I … Read more

Superstar Effect

Crush Your Competition – the Superstar Effect The best way to win? Be better. How much better? Soul crushingly better. Sound cruel? The Weekend Journal shared a great piece about the Superstar effect – how some stars are so much better than everyone else in the field that they literally crush their competition before the … Read more

Winning with Nuclear Fusion, a New Metaphor

Winning with Nuclear Fusion Thursday evening I ended up in a conversation about nuclear fusion, not a subject I know much about, but I have a vague understanding . . . that got me thinking about what it takes to study for the GMAT, SAT or GRE. It requires an extraordinary amount of energy upfront. … Read more

Super Stars – Peak Years

Peak Years and Influence In an effort to determine the validity of my hypothesis about peak years I’ve scanned through high school data as I get my hands on it . . . turns out it is not so straight forward to get high schools to share their information. It has been even more difficult … Read more

Basic Economics

Powerful Lessons, Perverted It is difficult to find a text to ignite enthusiasm for basic economics. Lack of training in the basics leads to all sorts of perverse incentives when it’s time to vote . . . but if you really reconsider the fairy tales we gave you as a child you may see the … Read more