What Asians Should Know When Applying to Top U.S. Business Schools

While American business schools value the diversity of their student body, applicants from China and India have difficulties getting into those programs. This is due to the high application rate from those areas compared to students from other countries and even U.S. students. To gain an edge Chinese and Indian applicants should strive to have … Read more

MBA Class Of 2016: We’re Happy!

Sometimes people question whether getting a graduate degree is useful in finding a career. Many certainly question what getting an MBA could possibly do for their career. Well according to recent studies, the answer is “quite a bit.” Ninety one percent of graduates with an MBA get a job within six months. Most of those … Read more

Answer for GMAT 610 good enough to get into Bocconi Msc Marketing?

Hi Franzi,  In my (limited) experience with Bocconi, they are much more forgiving with the GMAT score. But they are usually more forgiving for candidates who have a higher quant scaled score than the verbal. You are the opposite. It also sounds like you are young and relatively inexperienced.  Those are two negatives for your … Read more

How GMAT Scores Work

By far the most popular blog post on Prepwise – this one gets thousands of visitors each month. GMAT scores are confusing. Excerpt below. You can also search the Prepwise Q&A here for my responses to fellow students using the tags: ask kate, GMAT scores, or trying your actual Q/V split, for example 47/41. The Q&A … Read more

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Hi again Kate, I hope it’s OK to respond/ask a follow-up question here. My engineering degree was an ‘international program’, and my work experience was all in the US(with an American company), so I thought that would have been enough. I also am pretty sure I scored higher than 38(V) on my first test, now, … Read more

Hi Mimi! Good work on the overall score and quant. The 35 is a bit of a concern, but often not a deal breaker IF (!!) you can demonstrate success with English: 1. Coursework from a competitive US school. Could be graduate level or even a summer term in a related field. 2. Published public … Read more

Hi Lin, The Q44 is a little bit troubling. INSEAD moves very, very quickly. That year is up before you know it. They have demonstrated reasonable concern about the preparation students have prior to entry. If you can demonstrate high marks in quantitative coursework – think stats, not “business” math, make sure you’ve submitted the … Read more

Hi Greg, The scaled score, not the percentile is ultimately more important. Percentiles for quant have gone screwy in the past 3 years. One of those tests looks like the quant was 47, in any case, it looks like you’re close enough. Focus on creating a stellar application and submitting it at the end of … Read more

The positions require a background in environmental/ecological economics, behavioral economics or related disciplines. Documented skills in applying quantitative methods in economics as well as in integrating these with relevant disciplines within natural and social sciences will be an advantage. The qualifications must be documented by published contributions in international high-quality research outlets.

  firm with approximately 1400 employees manages $150 billion in global investments spread across institutional clients, central banks and governments, corporate funds, and pension funds. It has $87.1 billion in hedge fund management, making it the largest hedge fund management firm.   JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM). Hedge fund management is a part of JPM … Read more

HI! So . . . a couple of things…. 1. Your quant score is a bit light. That works against you. 2. Your overall score is a bit light for top 10 (which is really 16 schools), but starts to be the bottom of the 80% range for schools 10-20. That works against you as … Read more

Ask Kate: Two Attempts and No Improvement in Overall GMAT Score

Student has taken the GMAT twice, but no improvement. What next?   Hi KATE, GREAT WORK!!! I have given GMAT twice. Unfortunately ended up with same overall score of 650. 1st Attempt – Q-42 V-36 2nd Attempt – Q-47 V-32 Should I retry? I am targeting at Top B-school programs only. I worked on my … Read more

Ask Kate: Will Better GMAT Score Land a Better Job?

GMAT Score Vs. Job Success: Do Higher Scores Affect Better Employment?     Kate, I’m very frustrated, and I’ve messaged you before, but I wanted to reach out again. I have managed to get my Quant score up to 46 on the latest retake, but still cannot crack 700 due to a low verbal score, … Read more

Ask Kate: When to Retake the GMAT

If You’re Aiming For The Top 15 MBA Programs, You May Need To Take The GMAT More Than Once.     Hi Kate, I just sat for the GMAT and walked away with my unofficial score of 710: 43Q (56%) and 44V (98%) and 8 IR (92%). I’m confident I got at least a 4.5 … Read more

Ask Kate: Is GMAT Retake Necessary, if not Targeting Top 5?

You Should Always Aim For Top 10 MBA Program.   Hi Kate, I recently scored a 700 on the GMAT with a lower quant score than in many of my practice tests, but much higher verbal (Q42 V44). I also did much better on the integrated reasoning than any of my practice with a score … Read more

Ask Kate: How Should I prepare for my Next GMAT Exam Retake?

Knowing How To Prepare For The GMAT Is Crucial.     Hi Kate, Please let me know how I must prepare for my 3rd shot at GMAT? (Yes, I’ve already decided to retake). I’m an Indian IT guy targeting US top 20 MBA programs. So my target score is 730+. Total Work Experience: 7 years … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Score with AWA of 5

Does AWA Matter?     Hi Kate, I scored 48 for quant, 40 for verbal, 8 for IR but a 5 for AWA which is a 60 percentile score. Does the AWA affect entry to any of the top schools? Hi GL, the only time I would be concerned with an AWA score is if … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Score or Percentile More Important?

Hello, I scored a scaled score of 48 on quant & a 40 on verbal (overall 710). Is this a balanced score? Also, is this good enough for a top 5 school in the GMAT category? A 48 on quant is a 76th %ile when I took it (a 48 is now a 74%ile) so … Read more