Ask Kate: Okay Quant, Low Verbal

Getting a good GMAT score means knowing how to study well.     Hi I have GMAT and scored a Quant 44 and verbal on 30, resulting which my scores are shattered. This is my first take.i plan for a second intake, However, I am looking forward to improve on my TIME management. Please help … Read more

Answer for Is there any university in the US for students who score below 500 on the GMAT?

Yes. But please do not attend.   For profit universities and not-for-profits that need your cash flow may accept scary low GMAT scores. But those programs are not likely to help you professionally. If they’re willing to take a score that low, your peers will be of similar stature. That will neither build your mind, … Read more

Answer for GMAT 720, with 42 Quant

Hi Jared, That quant is too low. Since this was your first take, you definitely want to get another one on the board. Any improvement in quant will help a great deal. The 42 is not just not telling a good story, it’s telling a cautionary tale.  Excellent job with the verbal. Keep yourself tuned … Read more

GMAT 720, with 42 Quant

Hi, I just took the GMAT for the first time this weekend and score a 720 overall with a 42Q, 47V, and 8IR. I am wondering if my low quant score is too much of a red flag for top 10 schools and should retake, or if my other experience makes up for this and … Read more

Ask Kate GMAT Score report, 720 but is 44 quant good enough?

How much does an IR score matter on the GMAT? Ask Kate!   Ask Kate: A student is asking about their 720 GMAT score. The Quant and IR scores are low, and they want to know if they should complete a supplementary item on the GMAT. Kate responds by telling the student that the overall … Read more

Ask Kate: 700 with 40 Verbal and 44 Quant

Should You Retake The GMAT After A 700 Score?     I just took the GMAT for the first time and received a 700 but not with a particularly balanced score (Q 40, V 44). I was a Business and Psychology major in college with a 3.55 GPA overall and good grades in several math-based … Read more

Ask Kate: 700 GMAT Score with 41 Quant

The GMAT: Is It Possible To Dramatically Improve Your Verbal Score?     Hi Kate, I scored a 700 on the GMAT with Q41 and V45, IR 5. I’ve a background in management consulting in Kenya. I’m pretty sure I can write stellar essays and my recommendations will be great. One of my recommenders features … Read more

Ask Kate: Should I retake when GMAT Quant Score is so Volatile?

What Are The Most Effective GMAT Resources?     Hi Kate, I took the GMAT for a second time and got a 690 (43 – Q, 41 V) , the first time I got a 680 (42. 42). I have a 3.95 GPA in finance and work in management consulting. I’d like to take it … Read more

Ask Kate: Does High AWA Make up for Low Verbal on GMAT?

Hi Kate, Thanks for the detailed post on the scoring and scaling! I took the GMAT in early May and scored a 680 (Q49, V34, IR6, AWA6). – this is my first attempt I am a non-native speaker. However, I was surprised with my verbal score because my English skills are pretty good. Also, I … Read more

Ask Kate: Does Low GMAT Score Mean Haven’t Grasped Fundamentals?

Doing Well In Math On The GMAT Is Essential To Your Scores.   I took my first shot at the GMAT today after about 150 hrs of study and scored 640 (42Q 35V). I am pretty disappointed because I scored a 620 (40Q 34V) on my very first Gmatprep practice test. I am certainly going … Read more

Ask Kate: GRE Score is Low

Retake the GRE, or take the GMAT?     Hi Kate, I have situation where my GRE is a 161 M and 165 V. Is there hope for top 10 B-School with that. My GPA is extremely low, but I’m finishing up an MA with a 4.0 while I work full time as a TFA. … Read more

High Quant, but time to retake

Even with a high quant, a GMAT retake may be necessary.     Hi Kate, I took GMAT recently and got an unbalanced score with 49 in quant and 31 in verbal. Will I be able to get into a top 20 B school? Or should i retake the exam? Currently, I have 2 years … Read more

Ask Kate: 710 GMAT Score with 47 Quant

Make sure your application is top notch when preparing for a MBA program.     Hi Kate, I read through your post, thanks for your writing I have a particular query- How bad is 47 Quant for an Indian, Non-IT, female? It is 68 percentile only! My overall score is 710 (Q47/V41). Target schools = … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Quant and Verbal in 70th Percentile

Your MBA application is just as important as your GMAT score.     I recently took the GMAT (second attempt) and I scored a 650, 47Q/34V and both were 70th percentile. I am targeting schools in the 15-25 range. Should I be concerned about my score? Hi SB, Your verbal is weak, but you’ve taken … Read more

Ask Kate: Masters Degree with Low GMAT Score

Hello Kate, I took GMAT for second time and scored 620. The breakdown is Q48/V28. The GMAT results are not too different from when I took it the first time. I have a Masters in Aerospace Engineering with 3.8 GPA and a 8 years of work experience. What word of advice do you have for … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Lower than Practice Tests

Make sure you have the fundamentals down before taking the GMAT.       I took the GMAT for the first time today and scored a disappointing 610 (Q45, V28). I was particularly shocked when I saw my verbal score. Despite being a non-native english speaker I scored V41 and V39 on my two GMATPrep … Read more

Ask Kate: 47 Quant on GMAT is Baseline for Bschool

MBA programs are competitive. Do you stand out?     Kate, I was hoping you could help give me some advice. I recently took the GMAT and on the first take received a 700 with a 47Q 40V split. I am targeting top ten schools so the quant score is a little bit low. These … Read more

Ask Kate: Low GMAT Scores can be Overcome with Great Application

No matter your GMAT score, you need to have a compelling application.     Hi Kate, Thanks for offering your advice. I just took the GMAT for the third time and got a 42 quant, 41 verbal for a 690 overall. The quant is obviously quite low but is not going to go up at … Read more

Ask Kate: Good Overall GMAT Score with Low IR

A low IR doesn’t keep top MBA programs out of reach, but is still worth retaking the GMAT for.     hi! I took the gmat this week and scored 720 – 47 on Quant and 42 on verbal, but only a 5 on IR. should i be concerned about the quant + IR for … Read more

Ask Kate: 750 GMAT Score with Low IR

Does a Low IR call for a GMAT retake?     Hi Kate, I am a Senior graduating from an ivy league school summa cum laude (4.0) with lots of extra curriculars. I am not a “diverse” nor “legacy” candidate and intend to apply to HBS 2+2 R3. I took the GMAT once, scoring a … Read more