Answer for GMAT 710 91% (Q44 48%, V41 94%, IR 7 81%, AWA 6 88%)

Good question. MFinc is normally a more technically demanding degree. If I am understanding you, you intend to do a Masters in Finance in order to break into asset management. If that’s not quite correct, add your comment below. Assuming that’s correct, you have 2 challenges with the quant: 1. it is low for the … Read more

GMAT 640 (Q49/V28/IR6/AWA5)- MSc finance

Hi Kate, I recently appeared for GMAT and got the scores:- 640 (Q49/V28/IR6/AWA5). I am interested in applying for MSc finance in the top 25 world universities. But I am now not sure if a GMAT 640 is competitive or not. My strengths are that I am a Chartered Accountant from India (US CPA equivalent) … Read more

The Shorter New GMAT April 2018

Should you retake the new GMAT if you already have a reasonable score? Given the GMAC announcement of the shorter, new GMAT this past week, I have started getting a barrage of questions from students who had only recently officially considered themselves “finished” with the GMAT. Here’s my advice in brief: If you thought you … Read more

Q42, V51. 740 Weird split. Retake for top schools?

Hi Kate, I know you’ve answered a lot of similar questions, but I have yet to see a score makeup quite like mine. I just scored a 740 on the GMAT, first shot at it, which I was thrilled about. But then my breakdown is really odd. IR 7 (82nd percentile), Quant only 42 (45th … Read more

GMAT 720, with 42 Quant

Hi, I just took the GMAT for the first time this weekend and score a 720 overall with a 42Q, 47V, and 8IR. I am wondering if my low quant score is too much of a red flag for top 10 schools and should retake, or if my other experience makes up for this and … Read more

GMAT 710 (Q47 / V40) HEC MSc International Finance

Hi Kate, Sorry if this is not your area of expertise, but any advice or rough guidance would be very helpful. I am planning to apply in the second round (January) for various MSc Finance/MFE programmes in Europe (HEC, Oxford, ESADE, IE Business School), with HEC MSc Finance as my first priority. I am a Scandinavian undergraduate … Read more

HEC MIF with GMAT 710 (Q47 / V40 / IR8)

Ask Kate: Is a GMAT 710 score with Q47 / V40 good enough for HEC admission?   Hi Kate, Not sure if this is your area of expertise, but any advice or rough guidance would be very helpful. I am planning to apply in the second round (January) for various MSc Finance/MFE programmes in Europe (HEC, … Read more

Low Quant, High Verbal Score – Should I retake for top schools?

Ask Kate: Due to a low quant, a GMAT retake may be necessary for top business schools.   I just took the GMAT and received an integrated reasoning score of 8 (92nd percentile), quantitative score of 47 (67th percentile), and verbal score of 44 (98th percentile). My overall score was 730 (96th percentile). Does the … Read more

High GMAT score, low Quant

Ask Kate: Chilean business undergraduate with a 720 GMAT aiming for the Columbia Business program. Retake the GMAT?     Hi Kate, I have got a 720 GMAT (with 94% overall – 67%Q / 96%V / 92% IR). That was my 4th attempt (previous 650,660,690), but my lowest quant performance (best is 79% on my … Read more

GMAT score of 600 after 4 attempt

Ask Kate: GMAT score of 600 and aiming for top B-schools in Europe or Canada. Retake the GMAT?     Hi, I have taken the GMAT four times but I have only being able to improve slightly from 550 to 600(V34 Q38). I have a very demanding job that makes it difficult for me to … Read more

670 GMAT(Q-49,V-33).IR-2 ,AWA-4

Ask Kate: 670 GMAT with Q-49 and V-33. Time for a GMAT retake if aiming for CMU MISM program?     670 GMAT(Q-49,V-33).IR-2 ,AWA-4 .I plan to do MISM from CMU or MS in business analytic ASU.Should i retake? Work ex-5 yrs.

700 GMAT with Low Quant

Ask Kate: 700 GMAT score with 44Q and 32V. GMAT retake for INSEAD admission?     Hi Kate, I scored 700 (44Q, 58% /42V 96%) and I got waitlisted for INSEAD. I have a degree in Finance and Accounting, GPA 3.6, am a Chartered Accountant, and work in Finance. Do I need to retake? Thanks … Read more