Ask Kate: GMAT Study Not Helping

Think the GRE is easier than the GMAT? Think again.     I just took my second GMAT and am disappointed with the results, 39 quant, 44 verbal, for a 680. This score represents only a 30 point increase from first attempt (39q, 41v), with no increase in quant. I purchased study software and completed … Read more

Ask Kate: 750 GMAT Score with Low IR

Does a Low IR call for a GMAT retake?     Hi Kate, I am a Senior graduating from an ivy league school summa cum laude (4.0) with lots of extra curriculars. I am not a “diverse” nor “legacy” candidate and intend to apply to HBS 2+2 R3. I took the GMAT once, scoring a … Read more

Ask Kate: GMAT Score indicates which Round to Apply

GMAT score determines round. Is it time to up your scores?     Kate, I would love to hear your expert opinion on my GMAT score of 680 (Q47, V37), and this is my first attempt. I’m an Indian male IT guy, and hence a bit concerned about my Quant scores, given the very competitive … Read more

Ask Kate Responses

A Selection of Ask Kate responses focused on the Business School Candidate and Career Switcher. The Admissions Interview: Your Standing You have received an invitation from admissions for an interview. What does that mean for your chances of being admitted? Kate explains in this video what an interview means in relation to your standing with … Read more

GMAT Prep on the Cheap

Time to crush the GMAT once and for all. Your goal is to focus your study based on your strengths and weaknesses to hit your target score as efficiently as possible. As you visit the main math and verbal pages you will see the modules you need to use for improvement. I’m certainly biased toward … Read more

4 days before the GMAT part 2: Days off

Part 2: 4 day GMAT plan You’re taking the GMAT on a Monday or Tuesday or after a few days off. This gives you the weekend to finalize prep and decompress from work. It also however gives you the chance to over-study. The last thing you want to do is cram all weekend. Case in … Read more

Disturbing Bschool Trend?

So what’s going on with the girls? Isn’t it supposed to be easier for girls to get in?   I received a frantic phone call yesterday . . . a former student who won’t be applying for at least another year called to ask why strong work experience, 740+, female candidates were getting deferred to … Read more

Student GMAT Cases

What follows are private client case write-ups. Out of respect for our clients we have concealed names. We appreciate your privacy. If you want to meet Kate in person, please click here to book your personal evaluation. Legend: KM: When you see KM what follows are Kate McKeon’s actual session notes or a summary of … Read more

What Your GMAT Score Means

Composition of a 700 – updated June 2019 GMAT scoring is not obvious at first glance and many instructors and consultants focus on percentiles rather than the scaled scores, fueling more confusion. If you have read that business schools “need to see 80th percentile” in both quant and verbal and that you need at least … Read more


How much gas does it take to power US cars annually? How much gas does each car use? How many cars are on the road? How many miles are driven each year? How many gallons are needed to drive those miles? How many people are driving? When estimating a quantity of this magnitude, it is … Read more

Executive MBA programs

If you are planning to apply to a competitive Executive MBA program, you will need to supply a solid GMAT score. Many EMBA candidates are caught off-guard when they sit for the GMAT, and often feel that they need to downgrade their dream MBA programs once they see the score. The test felt harder than … Read more