Chances of deferring enrollment

Good morning Kate, I’ve seen your videos and Quora entries and they gave me good insight in the MBA application process. I hope I can get your valued opinion on my current situation. I believe I’m close to getting an admit for Sloan MBA. My profile is good and my interview went well. Let’s assume … Read more

Q42, V51. 740 Weird split. Retake for top schools?

Hi Kate, I know you’ve answered a lot of similar questions, but I have yet to see a score makeup quite like mine. I just scored a 740 on the GMAT, first shot at it, which I was thrilled about. But then my breakdown is really odd. IR 7 (82nd percentile), Quant only 42 (45th … Read more

Answer for 720 (48Q, 41V) military officer seeking top ten MBA. Advice?

Hey Rem, Strong overall profile, a couple of points to consider below. Out of curiosity, are you on a sub? Point 1: GMAT Your GMAT is okay. I saw pushback among 27/28 yo white males with that exact split this year. No interviews despite reasonable profiles: HBS, Wharton, Stanford. 🙁 You don’t HAVE to retake, … Read more

Prepwise Elite

Young Client Devotion Do you have it? Largest Wealth Transfer in History Creates Massive Opportunity for Advisors. Hi, I’m Kate McKeon, Chief of Prepwise and Prepwise Elite. At Prepwise we serve rising stars of Industry and HNW Families. Though no surprise to you, our students are transitioning away from the Financial Advisors the family chose. For … Read more

Seven Steps before you Start your MBA Application

FYI: Each year approximately 250,000 students sit for the GMAT. Not all of them will be interested in your programs, but using reasonable – if broad – cuts, let’s say 10% of those students are interested in the top 10 programs. That leaves us with approximately 25,000 candidates for maybe 5000 spots.  Top 10% on … Read more


Watch what a single day in the 30-Day GMAT program looks like. Be done in one hour a day. Is this course for me? If you have graduated from a 4-year university, studied a reasonably rigorous curriculum successfully, and taken at least one standardized test such as the SAT, ACT, LSAT, or MCAT, you will … Read more

French riddle

Hi Kate, First of all, thank you for fixing my account. Second, I’d like some advice as to my future MBA application. Here is my professional and personal background: I’m a 26 years old French medical resident. I graduated from Medical school in 2014. French medical curriculum is quite different compared to the American curriculum. Here’s a … Read more


Confidence and success go hand-in-hand.   Confidence is a critical, and often missing, component of success. This is partially a result of a legacy of serfdom, parental messages, and the encouragement of trust in institutions by our schools. Adults need to learn independence, a middle way between trust and naïveté, the acceptance of our shortcomings, … Read more

Anger Derails Negotiations, Unless You Have a Plan

Anger is a bad idea for any negotiation. No one ever responds well to that. They get defensive and you won’t win them over. You have to have a plan when you’re going to deal with people. If you don’t it will be too easy to get angry which ruins everything. The best way to … Read more

PLATO ON: The Allegory of the Cave

A lot of people find philosophy not only to be boring but to be a myth. However, Plato felt his philosophy principles were the ways of life. How most profound story was the “Allegory of the Cave”. This was about people who had been living in a cave as prisoners for as long as they … Read more

How To Make The Most Of Your Business School Feedback Call

If you are wait-listed or thinking of reapplying to business school, it’s important to make the most of your feedback call. Review your application, be prepared to answer questions based on what you wrote. Be prepared to follow any advice they give you and avoid being defensive or hostile towards their remarks and listen, don’t … Read more

GMAT Scores Keeping Going Higher At Leading Business Schools

The average score on the Graduate Management Admission Test is around 547. The average scores of accepted applicants to the nation’s most elite business schools is much higher. One school recently set a class average score record that places them in the ninety seventh percentile of all test takers. Any guess which one? Elite test … Read more

How to Find Meaningful Work

A lot of people want to find meaningful work. The first requirement of any job is that it should pay and it should also be full of meaning. People may wonder what it is like to have a meaningful job. Different people will find different kinds of work meaningful. It really depends on who you … Read more

A Working Day – Brain Surgeon, Texas

A medical issue at a young age changed this man’s aspirations from being a clown to being a neurosurgeon. His day-to-day experience with life-threatening illnesses gives him a deep appreciation for the brevity and beauty of life. The difficulty of giving painful news to patients and their families is made worth it by all those … Read more

12 Strategies for Maintaining Focus While Working at Home

Is it possible to work from home without distraction?   Work-at-home opportunities are incredible these days, providing men and women the chance to make cash and begin an exciting career from the comfort and security of their home. If you’re one of those people ready for work-at-home success, the 12 following strategies are designed to … Read more

Success at School vs Success in Life

Success at school and success at life are similar things. We want to do well at school because it means we will do well at life. We want to succeed and gain the respect of others. But, there are people who did great at school and flunked at life and there are people that did … Read more

Sunday Sports Lead to Monday Flops

Sports fans can get very invested into the team they support. However, a study concluded that how a fan’s team performs on Sunday, especially if the team did poorly, has a direct impact on the fan’s work performance and eating habits on Monday. A dissatisfactory performance leaves the fan unhappy. A negative mood gets carried … Read more

HBS 2+2: A No-Risk Way To Get Into Harvard Business School?

HBS “2+2” Program: What You Need to Know Harvard Business’s School’s “2+2” program can be a different way to enter the prestigious program. It allows graduates an opportunity to spend two years in the business world before returning to school. But unlike when the program was called “deferred admission,” it is not any easier to … Read more

31 Days to Financial Independence (Day 26): Considering Insurance

Financial Freedom: Getting Your Insurance   Financial freedom and independence is a growing interest among Americans. Those you following along with the 31 day guidance, step 26 is all about insurance and what you stand to lose or gain when deciding the best needs for you and your family. Insurance can be a daunting task, … Read more

Buying a Home This Year? Start Now to Get Your Credit in Shape

You Want to Make Sure Your Credit is in Good Shape Before Buying a House   Buying a home is a major life step for those of us trying to make that dream into a reality. There are a few pointers regarding your credit, and the do’s and don’ts that could potentially hurt your ability … Read more