Ask Kate: When to Retake the GMAT

If You’re Aiming For The Top 15 MBA Programs, You May Need To Take The GMAT More Than Once.     Hi Kate, I just sat for the GMAT and walked away with my unofficial score of 710: 43Q (56%) and 44V (98%) and 8 IR (92%). I’m confident I got at least a 4.5 … Read more

Ask Kate: Is GMAT Retake Necessary, if not Targeting Top 5?

You Should Always Aim For Top 10 MBA Program.   Hi Kate, I recently scored a 700 on the GMAT with a lower quant score than in many of my practice tests, but much higher verbal (Q42 V44). I also did much better on the integrated reasoning than any of my practice with a score … Read more

Ask Kate Perfect Quant sucky Verbal GMAT Score

Having a good verbal score on the GMAT is may determine your MBA success.     Hi, I recently took my gmat and i scored a 680 Q51 and V 30 . AWA 6.0 and IR 8.0 . Can you tell me if i should retake the exam? Hi Sid, great work on the GMAT … Read more

GMAT Self-Paced Preparation

For students who need to prepare for the GMAT and want guidance but are’t ready to commit to tutoring. Bite-sized lessons you can mix and match to build your own study sessions.

Americanize My English

You may need more practice to Americanize your English, and improve English grammar before taking the GMAT. Think you need to Americanize your English, or improve English grammar? Not sure where to find the best GMAT English resources? Most of my students are considered strong English speakers by the time they consider taking the GMAT, … Read more

AP Reading List – Book-A-Day: Fahrenheit 451

Author:  Ray Bradbury Category: Fiction Overview: Bradbury explores a future time where American life is extremely fast-paced and alternative entertainment abounds.  When people are so busy or too distracted  to spend time on deep thought as represented by books.  In that age how would people view books and how would it affect them?  This is what Bradbury … Read more

AP Reading List – Book-a-Day: She Stoops to Conquer

Author:  Oliver Goldsmith Category:  Comedy Overview: Written in 1773 when social class still divided people, a woman pretends to be of the lower class in order to win her love. What they’re saying in the Prepwise staff room: Chris: “A girl with a crush and a boy who is so shy he can’t talk to women.  … Read more

AP Reading List – Book-a-Day: The Book Thief

Author:  Markus Zusak Category: Fiction Overview: A young girl in Nazi Germany whose love of books help her and her neighbors deal with the insanity of the times. What they’re saying in the Prepwise staff room: Lisa: Set in Germany during World War II, the story is about a young girl that steals books to … Read more

Book-A-Day Master List

Each day we publish a book review on our blog from the AP reading list.  Here is the master list of those books.  If you’re interested in finding out more about the books or you just want to hear what we have to say, then click a link.   100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia … Read more

AP Reading List – Book-A-Day: The Iceman Cometh

Author:  Eugene O’Neill Category:  Drama Overview:  This play focuses on the interactions of alcoholics as they spend their days in a bar. What they’re saying in the Prepwise staff room: Chris: “A man walks into a bar… It is not the beginning of a joke, it is one of the great stories of lost dreams … Read more

Getting into Stanford GSB

Getting into a Stanford GSB program is a lofty goal. The acceptance rate is puny and the competition is fierce. Even if you have what seems like an automatic in – “My boss has a building named after him,” or “My cousin serves on the board**,” there is no guarantee beyond being a candidate they … Read more

College Corner: Christa Faces College Unprepared

College Corner is a new feature here on our blog.  It’s meant to help you learn through others’ experiences.  Below, Christa, shares her experience as a freshman college student that was completely unprepared for the college workload and how she managed. One word comes to mind when most high school graduates begin thinking about how life … Read more

Reflections on my First Year as a MBA Student

If you’re a first year MBA student, there will be much to learn for the future. Read this reflection and  helpful MBA tips for new students and what to expect.   As a rising MBA2, this summer has given me the chance to reflect on being a first year MBA student. MBA Orientation was a … Read more

Bschool Apps – What I Wished I Had Known Part 3

Part 3: Bschool Apps are more work than you think if you’re aiming for top 10 MBA acceptance. Here’s where to go for more information and what students wished they had known before beginning the bschool process. From Parts 1 and 2: John: Mild mannered, Liberal Arts grad in Liberal Arts field, 3 years experience. … Read more

Reading List: Staff Favorites

It’s summer! No better time to get buried in books than over the summer. Whether you spend time at the beach or beached out on the couch (maybe get outside, hmm…), grab a few books to keep your brain moving forward. Here are some books recommended by Prepwise team members and students – in no … Read more

What to do the Week of the SAT

It’s that time again, the SAT is a few days away and the bulk of your study efforts are complete. Now what? Is there anything you can do the week of the test to maximize test performance? Yes! While the material you study this week can help you refine, you aren’t likely to Move Mega … Read more

Make The Most Of Your Summer: Study Up for the SAT

Summer time is known for its sunshine, leafy trees and great expectations of fun. It’s also a great opportunity to study for the SAT! Away from daily responsibilities as students, the summer allows students to focus on increasing their scores, establishing new targets and working on their strengths and weaknesses in greater depth. 1. Take … Read more

Disturbing Bschool Trend?

So what’s going on with the girls? Isn’t it supposed to be easier for girls to get in?   I received a frantic phone call yesterday . . . a former student who won’t be applying for at least another year called to ask why strong work experience, 740+, female candidates were getting deferred to … Read more

Student GMAT Cases

What follows are private client case write-ups. Out of respect for our clients we have concealed names. We appreciate your privacy. If you want to meet Kate in person, please click here to book your personal evaluation. Legend: KM: When you see KM what follows are Kate McKeon’s actual session notes or a summary of … Read more

GMAT Prep – the 22-hour Student

The 22-Hour Student For students with a significant gap between current GMAT score and target score, 200+ points, it is imperative to bring a consistent attack to foundational materials. Expect to spend 22-25 hours a week on foundational, building block and GMAT materials over a period of 12-15 weeks. What does a 22-hour study week … Read more