GMAT Prep on the Cheap

Time to crush the GMAT once and for all. Your goal is to focus your study based on your strengths and weaknesses to hit your target score as efficiently as possible. As you visit the main math and verbal pages you will see the modules you need to use for improvement. I’m certainly biased toward … Read more

Americanize My English

You may need more practice to Americanize your English and improve English grammar before taking the GMAT. Think you need to Americanize your English, or improve English grammar? Not sure where to find the best GMAT English resources? Most of my students are considered strong English speakers by the time they consider taking the GMAT, … Read more

4 Days before the GMAT part 3: No time off

Part 3: 4 day GMAT plan You’re taking the GMAT without having any free days just before. Not a problem! My student tend to run hot – i.e. they may be a over-the-top obsessive about details. Great for knocking out financial models, death to your GMAT score if you have too much time on your … Read more

4 days before the GMAT part 2: Days off

Part 2: 4 day GMAT plan You’re taking the GMAT on a Monday or Tuesday or after a few days off. This gives you the weekend to finalize prep and decompress from work. It also however gives you the chance to over-study. The last thing you want to do is cram all weekend. Case in … Read more

What to do the Week of the SAT

It’s that time again, the SAT is a few days away and the bulk of your study efforts are complete. Now what? Is there anything you can do the week of the test to maximize test performance? Yes! While the material you study this week can help you refine, you aren’t likely to Move Mega … Read more

Disturbing Bschool Trend?

So what’s going on with the girls? Isn’t it supposed to be easier for girls to get in?   I received a frantic phone call yesterday . . . a former student who won’t be applying for at least another year called to ask why strong work experience, 740+, female candidates were getting deferred to … Read more

Student GMAT Cases

What follows are private client case write-ups. Out of respect for our clients we have concealed names. We appreciate your privacy. If you want to meet Kate in person, please click here to book your personal evaluation. Legend: KM: When you see KM what follows are Kate McKeon’s actual session notes or a summary of … Read more

Kate McKeon

Hi! Call me Kate. I’m the Chief at Prepwise, responsible for course creation, student engagement and all the “fun” of running a company. We build smarter, stronger Business Leaders. You probably know me from one of your friends. Or frenemies. Or your boss (I’ve been at this a while). With almost 3000 individual tutoring students, … Read more

Superstar Effect

Crush Your Competition – the Superstar Effect The best way to win? Be better. How much better? Soul crushingly better. Sound cruel? The Weekend Journal shared a great piece about the Superstar effect – how some stars are so much better than everyone else in the field that they literally crush their competition before the … Read more