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Prepwise focuses on 3 main areas for client development:

Test Prep
Personal Development

All new clients must have an initial evaluation to determine fit.

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My bread-and-butter is the GMAT. I love it. I know you probably don’t, but you’ll be glad I do! -Kate

GMAT Prep Courses Online

My GMAT courses will give you instant access to practice problems, master lessons, and video solutions. Master critical concepts with expert tutorials. Access your lessons online and on mobile devices. You’ll have unlimited opportunities for review.

Pick the option that works best for you:

GMAT 30-Day Prep – Stay on track with lessons portioned out in doable chunks. A new lesson will be made available daily. Includes priority access to tutoring appointments at the best student rate.

At Your Own Pace – Need a more flexible time frame? Do the work on your own schedule. Includes priority access to tutoring appointments at the best student rate.

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GMAT Prep 1-1, aka Private Tutoring

Accomplish more in less time with expert one-on-one tutoring.

I am dedicated to teaching key lessons for mastery and minimizing your time spent on less valuable topics. We’ll diagnose weak points, strengthen skills, and develop your personalized test-taking strategy. In addition, you’ll receive priority access to my calendar. As a private tutoring student, you will get resources created just for you, including workbooks, homework assignments and skill development exercises.

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Burgeoning population and increased access to education has put pressure on acceptance rates at top schools. Depending on your preference and your long term career objectives, you may have very few schools worth targeting. We specialize in top 5 MBA programs. While there are several good programs out there, most of our clients end up at Harvard, Stanford, or Wharton.

We focus initial energies on crafting your long term objectives. When you know where you want to end up, it is a lot easier to weather the storms on the path. Currently offer two main options: online self-service and full service 1-1.

Online Pre-MBA Application Courses (Self-Service)

The expert assistance and guidance you need as you begin the MBA admissions process. My course materials and assignments will help you:

  • develop a career strategy that’s relevant to your strengths and interests
  • prepare strong application essays that position you favorably among your competitors
  • take inventory of your scores, interests, and talents
  • learn how to pitch yourself to admissions officers with confidence
  • and stay on schedule throughout the admissions process.

Automated Self-Prep – You’ll have full access to all course modules and materials. Includes priority access to client appointments at the student rate. Nudges are built into the system to help you stay on task so you reach your deadlines with the best possible application.

Pre-MBA Application Bootcamp  – After you receive access to course modules and materials, you will be able to take part in one of my live bootcamps. I’ll guide you through the course exercises so that you will be able to do 80% of the work in one weekend. Includes priority access to coaching appointments after the bootcamp. This is offered seasonally: July/August, early November, and mid-January. All Self-Prep students are invited to participate with advance warning.

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Private Coaching

Starting the an inventory of your skills and interests, we first determine which schools are the best fit for your long term objectives. If your professional work to date is sufficient to apply, we begin work on your application. If your professional work is NOT sufficient to be a good or great candidate at your best option schools, we determine the professional steps that will most efficiently yield the biggest returns – i.e. changing jobs, changing industries – to help you develop as a professional and improve your candidate profile.

WAIT! Did I just say you may have to change jobs before you even apply??


Too many students apply to schools just hoping to get in and hoping once in they can figure out what’s next. That is idiotic. Pure stupid. It worked for your parent’s generation because the competition wasn’t that stiff. Those days are gone.

You have one opportunity to make this jump. Are you going to throw it away on hope? Or will you build for long term success?

When you are ultimately ready to apply, we efficiently hone in on the messages and stories that best represent you authentically to MBA programs. We also begin the behind the scenes work that will lead to your best recruiting outcomes once you start your program.

Build for success, not luck.

I’ve helped prepare more than 2700 young professionals for MBA admissions. I’ve put many on a faster track to the work and salary that’s beyond what they thought they could attain. With my one-on-one clients, I’ve had a 97.8% success rate getting them into their number one MBA program.

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Career Development

Career Development

“Realizing that opportunities I’d never thought of/figured were closed off to me were available to me despite my own doubts, that was the best part.”

The career development process looks different before and after college, but the principles are the same: uncover areas of interest, develop applicable skills, and explore. The sooner we start that beneficial cycle, the better.

We use multiple exercises and assessment tests to help our clients uncover fulfilling careers in which they can thrive.

We offer programs and one-time services. The popular Career Exploration/Transition Assessment can be booked independently of other services and requires no program commitment. This is a great choice for anyone curious but not yet able to dedicate serious resources.

“A career is more than a series of jobs, it reflects your identity.” -KMM

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Private Coaching

We start with a full assessment of your skills and interests. We then create a series of goals to lead you into a career that is personally meaningful and satisfying. While the MBA is often a component, it isn’t required to start this path. This process gives us the chance to match your best work-self with your life goals while making sure that you are a positive, contributing member of society.

Coaching may include:

  • Assessments
  • Tutoring for the GMAT or other standardized tests
  • Personalized MBA application help
  • Hands-on coaching for and through career transitions

Whether you are working with me as a student or as a young professional, you will have access to the experience I’ve gained coaching current diplomats, budding CEOs, and rising industry leaders from all over the globe.

We spend more time working than any other activity. When you are ready to bring your work and life into harmony, introduce yourself: or

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