Prepwise Tip The Bschool Application, Round 3?

Applying to #bschool in Round 3 is not a straightforward decision. There are some important considerations to take into account before making that decision.Are you planning to apply to business school in 2018?

If you’re pushing to applying in Round 3 for a 2018 start, it’s not too late, but you may want to wait for Round 1 in September for a 2019 start. Here’s a question to answer to help you decide.

How much depth can you show in your professional profile?

Three years years of work experience is not the same across candidates. For example, working for three years building websites for small business clients, running errands for Fashion Editor bosses, and managing 4th graders in a classroom are not the same caliber of applicable work as spending three years crunching numbers on company earnings. Chances are, no matter what your role has been, you’ve been doing a fair amount of grunt work. That’s fine. That’s expected. What matters is, what does your grunt work set you up to do next?

There is no job too lowly to keep you out of business school, but consider what your current experience says about your career path. If you want to make a career switch in business school, rather than push through a round 3 app, start to make that transition now – even at a pay cut – so you have several months of a reasonable-next-career-step to help your application in the 2019 cycle.

Rather than trying to go back to school as soon as possible, see how much career development you can cram in before you go back. Business school works best when used strategically.


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