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Welcome! Even if you aren’t sure Grad School is for you, this is the course you need. The focus for all of my students is to create an Integrated Life. Career and personal life are not easily isolated. Better to figure out how to integrate the ways that work for you. Personal and professional transformation … Read more

Sweden, Finland, Norway

Sweden This is a pretty thorough paper on housing in Sweden. It looks like after 1991 they began moving away from a socialist approach, and more toward privatization. Page 5 shows a breakdown of types of housing. Since the move toward privatization, prices have soared. Though it looks like half of housing is still public-owned. … Read more


As we come to understand more about the body – how it interacts internally and externally – our common wisdom changes. The best advice I’ve been given so far is … Everything in moderation, including moderation. Staying fit is as much about what you put in your body as what you do with your body. … Read more

Bankruptcy Research

Disruption from the Vantage Point of the Disrupted3/20/19 Read Time = 10.1 a$$-kicking minutesTwitter: @petition; Website: petition.substack.comBecome a paid Member today: Subscribe nowThanos Snaps, Retail Disappears????Long CMBX.BB6 CDS?!? Short $CBL.Mar 20Public post⚡️Announcement⚡️This one is longer than usual. Pour yourself some coffee and enjoy. Next week’s Wednesday and Sunday editions will be for Members only. If you’re not a paying Member, … Read more

Shorting Research

What is shorting? Try this Infographic to start. What is Short Selling? Short video from the Wall Street Survivor. Investopedia Quick Guide to Short Selling The Basics of Shorting Stock In a nutshell: If I short a stock, I am borrowing Michael’s shares, selling them to Larry now at $50/share and expecting to buy them … Read more

Government Subsidies Research

Here are some infographic-heavy articles. Who receives government benefits, in six charts Transparency: How Much Does the United States Subsidize Energy We now have a dollar value for one of oil’s biggest subsidies What does the federal government spend your tax dollars on? Social insurance programs, mostly U.S. Government Agricultural Subsidies  9 Shocking Facts About … Read more

Opium v Wheat Research

Opium research UN World Drug report Geared at a teen audience this is the just say no crowd ( A practical handout written by a recovery center ( From PBS the folks who bring you Big Bird. Compares/Contrasts endorphins to synthetic opioids ( HHS data on opioid use/deaths is pretty good ( Map of Canada’s … Read more

Foreign Capital Research

Is a Boston-based Union contributing to an Austin city council issue considered Foreign Capital influencing a campaign? Is a Dallas based group contributing to an Austin city issue considered Foreign? How about a Canadian Union contributing to an Austin city issue?  What exactly constitutes Foreign Capital Influencing Campaigns? Technical Concepts Add mathematical, analytical, even legal … Read more


This is a book from Johns Hopkins University Press: How to Run a College Report on the main takeaways from the NCES report: How Universities Make and Spend Their Money Industry, Academia, and Government Collaboration: A Game Changer for U.S. Economic Future Forbes piece on the evolving nature of University business practices UK perspective. From … Read more

Reading Skills: Speed

Most of what is shaping you in the course of your reading you will not be able to remember. The most formative years of my life were the first five, and if those years were to be evaluated on the basis of my ability to pass a test on them, the conclusion would be that … Read more

Know Yourself First

For long term fulfillment, it is important to get in touch with your personal values and your personal mission. This is an imperfect process. Expect this to take you a few iterations. Start here and come back to this when you realize you’re out of synch or stuck – or even just to review! It’s … Read more


Shenanigans Sometimes it’s fraud, but usually it’s just bad estimation and misunderstanding impact and outcomes. People are mostly dumb and careless. Very few are really aiming to commit fraud – in my opinion. Here are examples of people failing to understand the magnitude of decisions, etc. I’m looking for at least 5 very recent (past … Read more

Personal Challenges

How you handle yourself is far more predictive of how happy you feel. So here are some more tools to help you handle yourself. remember, you can CHOOSE to do this every day. You can’t do anything about what others around you choose (most of the time), nor can you do much about the weather … Read more

Subsidies Research

This Forbes piece argues that subsidies don’t help anybody – assuming a free market capitalist economy is the best choice (  This Reason piece calls sugar subsidies “welfare for the rich.” The idea being that “Big” industry, be it sugar, corn, oil, whatever, continues to profit, even though it shouldn’t. (  This Market Watch piece calls the … Read more


Do Well. Do Good. This course has the bulk of the background work you should take seriously if you want to make sure that your life and your legacy are in alignment. There is an illusion of separation between personal and professional lives, particularly among our parents’ generations. That is not true in my experience. … Read more

Is an MBA Worth It?

When it comes to MBA, this questions, ‘’Is an MBA worth it?’’ In fact, every month, more than 10000 individuals ask this question to Google. At MBA Reviews, we set out to answer this question, once and for all. We understand that getting an MBA is an investment; investment of time, money and resources. As in with every investment, … Read more

The Shorter New GMAT April 2018

Should you retake the new GMAT if you already have a reasonable score? Given the GMAC announcement of the shorter, new GMAT this past week, I have started getting a barrage of questions from students who had only recently officially considered themselves “finished” with the GMAT. Here’s my advice in brief: If you thought you … Read more

Integrated Life

Integrated Life Next Session Feb 2021. ***Want to join this Course? It’s too late to join this section but you can be added to the February 2021 list by emailing Kate. Info below.*** “Makes me wonder if she has a crystal ball….” “ … going through random dark rooms in my brain and flipping the … Read more