French riddle

Hi Kate, First of all, thank you for fixing my account. Second, I’d like some advice as to my future MBA application. Here is my professional and personal background: I’m a 26 years old French medical resident. I graduated from Medical school in 2014. French medical curriculum is quite different compared to the American curriculum. Here’s a … Read more

How To Make The Most Of Your Business School Feedback Call

If you are wait-listed or thinking of reapplying to business school, it’s important to make the most of your feedback call. Review your application, be prepared to answer questions based on what you wrote. Be prepared to follow any advice they give you and avoid being defensive or hostile towards their remarks and listen, don’t … Read more

Hi Mimi! Sure, ask away. If you did score 38+ on that first test, I’d retake. If your 3rd test is a mess you can at least re-instate that first score . . . a trick we only recently got. In ancient times (or more than 3 years ago) reinstating a score, even seeing your … Read more

Hi again Kate, I hope it’s OK to respond/ask a follow-up question here. My engineering degree was an ‘international program’, and my work experience was all in the US(with an American company), so I thought that would have been enough. I also am pretty sure I scored higher than 38(V) on my first test, now, … Read more

Hi Mimi! Good work on the overall score and quant. The 35 is a bit of a concern, but often not a deal breaker IF (!!) you can demonstrate success with English: 1. Coursework from a competitive US school. Could be graduate level or even a summer term in a related field. 2. Published public … Read more

Hi, I noticed that you tagged your question as “unbalanced score” so let me address that first. Your scaled scores are actually very similar; approximately V 43, Q 46 so you’re as close to well balanced as is reasonable. That said, your percentiles are way off. That has more to do with who else takes … Read more

I would not recommend applying at this stage.

1. You need to get your GMAT up. You’re barely better than the worldwide average score (540) and you want to go to strong programs?! No program wants a 590 admitted. It happens, but no one wants to see that.

2. You don’t present strong stats. It looks like you don’t really understand what you are undertaking. In effect, you look foolish for applying.

Depending on your family, you may be able to get into once of the institutions listed. But if you aren’t able to supply extra cash to a school or bestow some prestige by having you on campus, you have to create a strong case of your merits.

A. Retake the GMAT. Study the proper materials based on what is actually on the test. Don’t waste time with tricky problems; build your foundation. This is especially essential on Verbal!!
B. Get some compelling work experience within Finance. Start to develop an area or industry of expertise.
C. Apply when you have very strong letters of support and better scores. Give it 2 years.

Good luck,

710 is nice to have, but yes, your quant is low. If this was your first take, great! Definitely retake!! Put some extra effort into quant. Put a little effort into verbal. You’ll be in the mid-700s if you do good work. Caveat. Your quant is in a zone that is typical for someone of … Read more

Hi, your quant scaled score and verbal scaled score are fairly close. That indicates that you have maximum opportunity to improve your overall score. HOWEVER, you have tried 4 times. You either failed to acknowledge poor prep for the first 3 times or you really missed the point of what the test is testing you … Read more

Hi Greg, The scaled score, not the percentile is ultimately more important. Percentiles for quant have gone screwy in the past 3 years. One of those tests looks like the quant was 47, in any case, it looks like you’re close enough. Focus on creating a stellar application and submitting it at the end of … Read more

Ask Kate: 700 with 40 Verbal and 44 Quant

Should You Retake The GMAT After A 700 Score?     I just took the GMAT for the first time and received a 700 but not with a particularly balanced score (Q 40, V 44). I was a Business and Psychology major in college with a 3.55 GPA overall and good grades in several math-based … Read more

Hi Sid, great work on the GMAT quant! The verbal however points to potential language issues. One comment from mba admission offices in the past 5+ years has been, more students are scoring well on the overall GMAT, but not following in class . That is one of the reasons the GMAC developed the IR … Read more

Ask Kate: Low Quant and Low Verbal

If you want acceptance into the top MBA programs, a good quant and verbal score is a must.     Hi Kate, Would love your opinion on my score as well as my chances on getting in to the top 10 schools. This is my third attempt of the GMAT- first attempt 600, second attempt … Read more

Ask Kate: GRE Score is Low

Retake the GRE, or take the GMAT?     Hi Kate, I have situation where my GRE is a 161 M and 165 V. Is there hope for top 10 B-School with that. My GPA is extremely low, but I’m finishing up an MA with a 4.0 while I work full time as a TFA. … Read more

Ask Kate: Pros and Cons of a Gap Year

As summer breaks in NYC (finally!) I’m fielding questions about taking a gap year. For many clients it depends on their ability to afford a gap year post college. Any time is a great time to put yourself in the work market if you know what you want (when you’re that young). There’s no harm … Read more

Ask Kate: Low Quant and Average School

If your GMAT score is 700, which MBA programs will accept your scores?   I just took the GMAT after a long prep and got a 700. My subscores were Q 44 V 41. I am concerned about the low 60th percentile quant. I have a major in accounting, minor in finance, with straight As, … Read more

Ask Kate: Okay Quant, Low Verbal

Getting a good GMAT score means knowing how to study well.     Hi I have GMAT and scored a Quant 44 and verbal on 30, resulting which my scores are shattered. This is my first take.i plan for a second intake, However, I am looking forward to improve on my TIME management. Please help … Read more

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Can I be accepted into a prestigious school for an MBA if I failed a course in grad school? Did my masters in CS from an average university in Virginia. I have mostly A’s and A+’s except for the course on algorithms – which i failed. This makes my transcripts look bad. Have 3 years … Read more

Executive MBA programs

If you are planning to apply to a competitive Executive MBA program, you will need to supply a solid GMAT score. Many EMBA candidates are caught off-guard when they sit for the GMAT, and often feel that they need to downgrade their dream MBA programs once they see the score. The test felt harder than … Read more