Student Debt Influences Job and Earnings Potential

High student debt can lead to low job prospectsYou’re looking at an MBA from a top school because of the future earnings potential.


This is going to be costly and, depending on your financial situation, you may be considering taking on a substantial amount of debt.  Did you know that substantial student debt may determine whether you end up in a job on Wall Street or as a member of Occupy Wall Street?  Taking on debt means paying off debt.  That means you’ll need to make more money, which isn’t going to happen right out of the gate.  What are you going to do . . . leave those people that hired you and go to a better paying job?  Not an attractive quality in a job candidate.   Before you take on that debt you need to really sit down and look at some hard and fast facts.  Kate’s recent article, Millennials are f*ucked, will give you some things to consider before taking that step and also some tips for what to do, if you’ve already incurred that debt.

Think any MBA will do?


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