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Our recommendation for those who may be light on math. Great for math drills.This favorite tool should be used by students who need extensive math drill work.

ixl.com Software

Where to get: signup at ixl.com (click here)

How much it costs: basic edition is $9.95/mo

Who should use it: Students who are slow to calculate, those who may not have learned math very clearly ages 10-14, and those who lack confidence as they attack quant problems.

When you should use it:
Use this before you really start taking practice tests. This is the background work you need to do before you really dive into GMAT prep. Also use it throughout your prep for daily warm-up drills and refreshing.

Why you’ll like it:
These are moderately adaptive question sets and it will be hard to run out of practice problems – there are a TON of practice problems. If the probability questions in 8th grade are too much, you can go back to 7th, 6th, 5th and 4th grade probability questions and build your way back up to 8th grade.

What you’ll like less:
These problems are arranged by grade level. That can be hard to see. Here’s the secret – GMAT math is 6-8th grade math (ages 10/11 through 13/14 outside the US). Better to clean up your quant now than let lingering challenges persist.
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**As a reminder, Prepwise is not affiliated with ixl.com, nor are we paid for this recommendation.

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