Sunday Sports Lead to Monday Flops

Sports fans can get very invested into the team they support. However, a study concluded that how a fan’s team performs on Sunday, especially if the team did poorly, has a direct impact on the fan’s work performance and eating habits on Monday. A dissatisfactory performance leaves the fan unhappy. A negative mood gets carried over into Monday and leads to less interest and lower productivity. Furthermore, not only do sports fans consume more unhealthy food while watching a game but also tend to eat more unhealthy food, even the next day, if their team loses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sports fans — whether they follow football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, cricket, tennis, golf, table tennis, field hockey, volleyball, or even mixed martial arts — show an immense amount of support for their favorite athletes across the globe.
  • Fans devote many hours every year watching and cheering for their teams and the sports industry is a pillar in the global economy, and yet we pay relatively little attention to how sporting events intersect with work.
  • If participants were dissatisfied with their team’s performance, they hypothesized, distress and dysfunction might persist until the next day, making them less enthusiastic about work and hampering their productivity.

“Gkorezis and colleagues theorized that fans’ heightened emotions during an important game — their excitement, humiliation, or anger — might spill over from the team’s stadium to the office.”


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