Ask Kate Response: Admissions Interviews

The admission interview is just one part of a larger process for evaluating candidates.  In this video Kate explains how the interview fits in to the overall process. If you would like to ask Kate a question regarding college or grad school admissions, choosing a major/career, and/or test preparation, you may submit your questions here. Prepwise YouTube … Read more

Getting into Stanford GSB

Getting into a Stanford GSB program is a lofty goal. The acceptance rate is puny and the competition is fierce. Even if you have what seems like an automatic in – “My boss has a building named after him,” or “My cousin serves on the board**,” there is no guarantee beyond being a candidate they … Read more

Get back up, life isn’t over, if you aren’t accepted to your bschool of choice

Originally I wrote this school rejection article for undergrads. But the advice holds for MBA applicants too. If you’ve been rejected, that’s not a no forever. Just a no right now. There may be career catalyst work that makes sense. Do that before you toss more bschool applications onto the fire. Hail Mary applications only … Read more

Disturbing Bschool Trend?

So what’s going on with the girls? Isn’t it supposed to be easier for girls to get in?   I received a frantic phone call yesterday . . . a former student who won’t be applying for at least another year called to ask why strong work experience, 740+, female candidates were getting deferred to … Read more