Confidence and success go hand-in-hand.   Confidence is a critical, and often missing, component of success. This is partially a result of a legacy of serfdom, parental messages, and the encouragement of trust in institutions by our schools. Adults need to learn independence, a middle way between trust and naïveté, the acceptance of our shortcomings, … Read more

How to Find Meaningful Work

A lot of people want to find meaningful work. The first requirement of any job is that it should pay and it should also be full of meaning. People may wonder what it is like to have a meaningful job. Different people will find different kinds of work meaningful. It really depends on who you … Read more


We all have different ideas about manners. Many cultures across the world showcase unique rituals in their everyday lives. The details become far more interesting when we take in an depth look at how manners shape our perception and the world in which we live. Take a step forward and discover yourself. Key Takeaways: Looked … Read more

The Impostor Syndrome

Most of us at one time or another have been compared to someone else. Often times the people doing the comparing have our best interests in mind, however, what about the damage we do when we’re the ones comparing ourselves to others? We may not always fit in, but that’s the beauty of it all. … Read more

The Uses of Envy

Envy actually has some good uses. At a young age we are taught that envy is not a good thing. Envy, like fear is an important emotion that can help us identify what we want. It is a call to action that should not be feared. If we can get by the shame associated with … Read more

Success at School vs Success in Life

Success at school and success at life are similar things. We want to do well at school because it means we will do well at life. We want to succeed and gain the respect of others. But, there are people who did great at school and flunked at life and there are people that did … Read more

Why And How To Say Sorry

Apologies are some of the hardest things for people to do. But it’s one of the most important things in any relationship. You may think that the key to being satisfied in your relationship is to point out the other person’s faults and insist that you’re right. But that isn’t true. Saying “sorry” is guaranteed … Read more

Ask Kate Low GMAT Verbal Score

When applying to MBA programs, a GMAT retake may make all the difference.       Hi Kate. I recently took the GMAT and bombed out on my verbal (despite English being my first language). I mismanaged my time and think I was penalized heavily for running out of time, resulting in a 31. Quants … Read more

Ask Kate: Must I Submit Transcripts

If I spend two semesters as an exchange student in an university and apply to grad school, how bad would it be to apply without submitting the transcript of my period there?   I am an exchange EECS major at UC Berkeley. On my first semester I didn’t had very good grades, mostly because I … Read more

Ask Kate: Years of Experience before MBA

Q: What is the optimal years of work experience one should have before attending a top MBA in order to maximize post-MBA earnings? From what I understand, (correct me if I’m wrong), the post-MBA salary depends partly on how much work experience one had before an MBA. For example, if an applicant who had 2 … Read more

Think any MBA will do?

The MBA is a signaling device.   Think again. The MBA is a signaling device. You’re telling the market that you were willing to invest time and money to earn one. So it baffles me when students say, “Oh, I just want a top 10 MBA,” as though they are interchangeable. Well, I guess at … Read more

Prepwise Tip The Bschool Application, Round 3?

Are you planning to apply to business school in 2018? If you’re pushing to applying in Round 3 for a 2018 start, it’s not too late, but you may want to wait for Round 1 in September for a 2019 start. Here’s a question to answer to help you decide. How much depth can you … Read more

Ask Kate Response: High GMAT, Low GPA, Little Work Experience . . . Top Bschool Material?

If you have a low GPA and little work experience, what is the likelihood that you would be given a spot in one of the top 10 Business Schools? Kate is going to tell you along with how the different facets of the application requirements are viewed. If you would like to ask Kate a … Read more

Getting into Stanford GSB

Getting into a Stanford GSB program is a lofty goal. The acceptance rate is puny and the competition is fierce. Even if you have what seems like an automatic in – “My boss has a building named after him,” or “My cousin serves on the board**,” there is no guarantee beyond being a candidate they … Read more

Bschool Apps – What I Wished I Had Known Part 3

Part 3: Bschool Apps are more work than you think if you’re aiming for top 10 MBA acceptance. Here’s where to go for more information and what students wished they had known before beginning the bschool process. From Parts 1 and 2: John: Mild mannered, Liberal Arts grad in Liberal Arts field, 3 years experience. … Read more

Bschool Apps – What I wished I had Known Part 2

Part 2: There’s more to Bschool Apps than great essays and high GMAT scores. Here’s what did and didn’t work for students when aiming for top 10 MBA acceptance. From Part 1: John: Mild mannered, Liberal Arts grad in Liberal Arts field, 3 years experience. 3.8 GPA at a large State School. GMAT over 700. … Read more

Bschool Apps – What I wished I had Known Part 1

For students not “in the know” they think the Bschool process is just like getting into college. Bschool Apps are more than filling out applications and doing well on essays. Here’s how Bschool Apps involve improving GMAT scores for top 10 MBA acceptance.   Applying to Business School: 1. Sign up online. 2. Fill in … Read more