Why And How To Say Sorry

Apologies are some of the hardest things for people to do. But it’s one of the most important things in any relationship. You may think that the key to being satisfied in your relationship is to point out the other person’s faults and insist that you’re right. But that isn’t true. Saying “sorry” is guaranteed … Read more

Sunday Sports Lead to Monday Flops

Sports fans can get very invested into the team they support. However, a study concluded that how a fan’s team performs on Sunday, especially if the team did poorly, has a direct impact on the fan’s work performance and eating habits on Monday. A dissatisfactory performance leaves the fan unhappy. A negative mood gets carried … Read more

Taking a Hard Look at Your Future Self

Most people spend time envisioning where they will be 1 year, 5 years or 10 years from now. We envision our future self richer, happier, and healthier. The choices you make today can greatly impact if your vision of your future self comes to fruition. What you choose to do today will surely impact your … Read more

Five Things to Take Off Your Resume in 2017

Have You Updated Your Resume?   Resumes, especially older ones need a good update when job searching in this market. Objective statements make resumes look dated and need to be removed. Take out references available upon request, employers are aware of that and don’t need to read it. Jobs over ten years old or anything … Read more

The Super Bowl Winner? Mr. Clean, Say MBAs

The Patriots’ comeback in this past Super Bowl was historic. So was the price tag for a 30-second commercial. But while $5 million for a half-minute sounds extreme, the potential benefits are similarly oversized. The professors and students at the Kellogg School of Management know just how to figure it all out. Key Takeaways: The … Read more

FT Releases 2017 Global MBA Rankings

The global MBA program rankings are in. Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan rankings were among those that fell. Did your school make the top 10?   “How successful is this business program?” is a question that every school offering an MBA must look at, both to compete with others and for self-examination. This article … Read more

Why Narcissistic Leaders Are Prone to Overconfidence

Over-Confidence is not Linked to Success.   Narcissism is a problem because people who suffer from it are arrogant and think they are the best thing since sliced bread. These are not the qualities a leader should possess. It’s hard to deal with a narcissist in daily life. More about this and how it relates … Read more

You’re Less Persuasive Than You Think Over Email

Talking Face-to-Face is More Impactful Than You Might Think.   It turns out that people are actually less persuasive than they think when it comes to email. Asking people face to face is a better recruiting method than doing it online through email. People think they are convincing through email because they are focused on … Read more

The Trait That Turns Some Bosses into Micromanagers

There is a Correlation Between the Power Someone Feels and the Control They Need.   There is one trait that turns some bosses into micro managers. They are the bosses that control everything, down to the smallest and most insignificant thing. A study was done and it was found that bosses who felt very powerful … Read more

Ask Kate: FSO or Becoming a Diplomat

What CV/resume is the best when applying for the Foreign Service? Which universities are considered best? Which languages? Which extracurriculars? Which BA and MA? Read more about FSO at Quora   A: I agree with former FSO John Burgess, but as someone who has helped those prepare themselves for the interview process rather than a … Read more