How to be an Entrepreneur

Everyone dreams of being a self-made millionaire. But what does it take to get there? Drive, ambition, risk…just to name a few. In a world full of enormous competition, how does someone with a great idea or invention take the next step forward? Let’s have a look and see what we can find. Want to … Read more

What Asians Should Know When Applying to Top U.S. Business Schools

While American business schools value the diversity of their student body, applicants from China and India have difficulties getting into those programs. This is due to the high application rate from those areas compared to students from other countries and even U.S. students. To gain an edge Chinese and Indian applicants should strive to have … Read more

Why We Hate Cheap Things

Price plays an important part in our lives. Whether you’re buying a car, home, or computer…price is the most important factor. But why are we programmed to think a higher price equals higher quality? Are we being brainwashed or is there actual science behind this?

Exercise for Intellectuals

It is commonly believed that cultivating one’s mind intellectually also means neglecting one’s body physically. However, in Ancient Greece, intellectuals like Socrates believed that a healthy mind and a healthy body went hand in hand. In this spirit, The School of Life presents a set of exercises for intellectuals, focusing on the four key areas … Read more

LITERATURE – Jane Austen

Jane Austen was an English novelist . She was born in 1775 at Steventon, Hampshire and died in 1817 at Winchester, United Kingdom. Her novels tell us about in the following, first let your lover educate you. Second, We shouldn’t stop judging people; but we have to judge more carefully. Third, take money seriously. And … Read more

How to Get Angry a Lot

It can be so easy to get caught up in all of the negative things around you and feel angry about anything and everything. It’s easy to look at the world as though everything is out to get you and nothing is worth being happy about. Comparing yourself to others in all aspects of your … Read more

PHILOSOPHY – René Descartes

Rene Descartes was a famous philosopher. He came up with the phrase “I think, therefore I am.” he was a very logical person. He wanted to find the truth without help from anyone else. He had a very clear thinking and thought all human error stemmed from our own ignorance and errors in thinking.

You Can’t Break Math

If you ever have struggled with math, it’s important to note, that just like a baby, it’s stronger than you think. When you add other variables to a problem, it does prove that in many concepts, the numbers don’t matter. It’s understanding the concept that does. It can be frustrating for students until they understand completely … Read more

How does it feel to fail because of 0.1 points?

Grades do matter. They can make the difference between going to this college or that one. Getting a scholarship or not. How can 0.1 possibly make a difference? The problem is, where does the teacher draw the line? Many would feel that boosting that kind of difference up would cause no problems, however does that … Read more

Start Saving for Your Summer Vacation Now

Not only is vacation fun, but it’s good for you as well. If you are planning on going on vacation, but don’t have the funds, then now is the time to start saving. Some thing you could do would be to set up a separate account for that savings, have a change jar, do something … Read more

750 GMAT Score with Low IR

If you have a 750 GMAT score with a low IR you may be wondering what your focus should be. Instead of focusing on the GMAT you need to focus on your application. This means making sure your essays are substantive and that your letters of recommendation are all high quality. Determine which round you … Read more