Internship Interviews

Are you applying for an internship? If so you may feel pressure to be more polite than normal (good!). But you may not think to ask the questions that will help you determine if this is the job for you. An internship is often a prelude to a full time job offer. Consider asking a … Read more

Ask Kate Response: Choosing a Major/Career . . . Interest vs. Passion

Passion vs Interest You think it’s time for Business School and you have no idea what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. One of the first things that you need to know is the difference between passion and interest. Knowing this will allow you to more closely align your career goals … Read more

Top 3 Resources to Improve English for Non-native Speakers

Here are some resources to aid your writing and speaking skills particularly if you are not a native American English speaker. If you have recommendations, please add them in the comments below. The first few are resources that are uniformly robust and are useful to my former students. These are not resources for total beginners. … Read more

3 Time Management Methods To Avoid

During my college years, I learned many great methods of time management, but I also learned which methods do not work out so well.   Below are three time management methods that I discovered are not the best options. 1.   Frequent and Untimed Breaks Almost all of the anti-procrastination tips I read online during college … Read more

5 Time Management Methods that Worked For Me

Time management is a major issue for most college students. It was definitely an issue for me!  As a self-confessed procrastinator, I basically had to trick myself into completing assignments on time.  Below is a list of the five tools I found most useful in managing my time and avoiding procrastination. To-do Lists Whenever I … Read more

Why every student should have a Personal Learning Network

A Personal Learning Network: what it is and why you need it You learn the most from the people around you. Chances are, most of your interactions are with friends, family, and teachers. By expanding your network of interactions to different kinds of people of various experiences and backgrounds, you are creating a web of … Read more

Studying? Don’t forget to take a break

You may think you have all the resources you need to make the best of your test prep: the most up to date resources, a fantastic private instructor, and a supportive home. But you’re not getting the most out of your studying unless you remember one indispensable factor: Rest. There is an importance in rest, … Read more

Kill the lesson plan

In the Prepwise program, great instructors are not born, they are coached. Scripted Lesson plans don’t belong in a private tutoring environment. If this sounds like an extreme statement, consider the fact that tutors have the ability to do what is valued by educators everywhere: get inside each student’s head. Good lessons are fluid, flexible, … Read more