Tips for Dealing with College Admissions Stress

College admissions is a high-stress time for students. Here are some tips to help you destress.

Writing Your Personal Statement


It’s college application season and you’re stressed out. What’s it going to take to get you into that dream college? With the advent of the common application, there are not a lot options for expressing who you really are. One of the ways that you can do that is through your personal statement. Problem is, your inexperience is showing and you don’t know what makes a successful admissions personal statement. Which is why you’re stressing out. You’re going to need some help, but who? Family and Friends? No. According to our founder Kate McKeon, in a recent article, they’re not the best people to ask because they want you to succeed so much they may have you over-craft the essay. Instead, she says to go to someone that’s unbiased. Not only, can they read it with a critical eye, but you will trust them more because they’re neutral and more likely to give an honest assessment. Here are some more tips on how to keep down your stress levels down during this time.

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