Turning the “Motherhood Penalty” into a “Breadwinner Bonus”

Why Women are Paid Less than Men, and how to Fight it


The decision to become a parent is often the biggest decision in a person’s life. The changes that abound in a person’s life when taking on this role are limitless. It is found that women often take a hit in their careers when becoming mothers. Research is showing now though that men are rewarded with higher salaries when becoming fathers. A new study shows that how we label individuals can greatly impact what they are offered by hiring companies. The title of breadwinner seems to reward women with higher pay.

Key Takeaways:

  • Caregiving mothers are usually penalized in the workplace, compared to breadwinning fathers.
  • Caregiving Father’s weren’t penalized as much as caregiving women, making sexes unequal in the workplace.
  • “A breadwinning mother was offered a higher salary and was more likely to be offered leadership training than mothers labeled as caregivers or with unspecified family roles.”

“The analysis also revealed that participants who rated Lisa as more of a breadwinner also offered her a higher salary.”